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Jun '11

somewhere over the rainbow


Someone unparalleled warmed my heart
All four chambers welcome the ardor
Somehow a small rift obstructed a circuit
All four-leafed clovers instantaneously wilted
Someway life bequeathed new unbeaten paths
All four months are quickly passing away

Yet. . .

Something karmic sporadically nags my mind
All four limbs dismantle my protective armor
Sometimes my heart-shaped shield breaks down
All four cardinal points nakedly exposed
Somewhere deep ridden within my old soul
All four hundred reasons I love you surface
Someday between solstice and the next equinox
All four seasons cheer for a renewed sense of hope


Rainbow July 8th 2009


2 comments to “somewhere over the rainbow”

  1. libramoon Says:

    The Moon is adrift in the wind above
    our sheltering craft in the sea
    and all the world of Summer is ours
    to ride the heat, toast to the stars
    dance a languid beat, open our hearts
    create a Summer of Love

    Celebrate waves in the streets, with drums,
    lucid bells call folk to play
    Carnival cheer returns heat to fire
    Chants blend to song, burning desire
    into a chance to expand ever higher
    fueled by smiling Sun

    June 2011

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Thank you libramoon for a beautiful poem! That too warmed my heart. Comment definitely approved!

    And keep writing the beautiful poems.