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May '11

Being All One Can Be And More…

Return yourself to perfect facial symmetry with face pulling technique 30 mins day keeps the doctor away

This can be done after NCR or along with it from what I’ve been reading. Posted from Kevin’s Twitter and blog

TMJ Treatment | Trigeminal Neuralgia | Jaw Pain | Neuromuscular Dentistry | Cluster Headaches | Orgone | Wilhelm Reich | Sleep Apnea

A home-made Tmj treatment apparatus that will rid you of jaw pain, cluster headaches, sleep apnea and trigeminal neuralgia in only 30 minutes a day while you watch TV.

This snippet says it all…

Nobody puts any thought into what they create anymore. They make children out of spite and just to have someone to boss around. If you give your child a shitty physical vehicle, what sort of suffering are you creating for it?

I agree. I actually understand where the author is coming from. Allow me to rant about all these things. First, MY Disclaimer: My thoughts & rants below are my opinions and MY OPINIONS only, so keep that in mind. None of it will make any sense, unless all the links in this entire post are clicked out on and read.

Regards the above snippet… I was put in the worst meatsack possible. It’s still going to take me a while to undo the crappy care I received my whole childhood. What sucks even more is knowing that alot was done to me on purpose such as mercury fillings being given to me as a child, that we (Robert and I) spent over $1,200 to remove in 2001. And how about the stupid ass dentist that was hired to pull a permanent tooth instead of pulling the baby tooth? And of course all the unwanted vaccinations that were forced upon me as a child. I remember a smallpox vaccine given which resulted in decreased energy on my part. I can remember not ever feeling the same after that and I was only 6 years old. You know that low energy state which is often mistaken for laziness? It wasn’t laziness. It was energy stolen from me by TBTB who used my parents to do that. One of my sisters told me years ago that she tossed her oral polio vaccine sugar cube in the trash, when no one was looking. GOOD GIRL!! I also remember being given a shitty diet of boxed processed food and cereals/grains instead of raw foods of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Can’t totally blame the parental units though. It’s what was available then and still available even to this day. No wonder they put MSG into everything, which is to make us all want the bad stuff as children. Children are still being targeted to this day. Read the following article in the link below to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

How Your Metaphysical Abilities are Being Suppressed

And who in the hell, from TPTB, put that damn big horse in our backyard that I got kicked by in the face when I was a kid? I was only 4 or 5 years when that happened. Knocked me out cold. My mom found me in the backyard drenched in blood. THAT too, is another reason why my spine developed slight scoliosis and my head knocked off kilter. The attacks from TPTB started when I was just a toddler. Well, NCR will be helping me get over that too, by allowing me to repair myself structurally.

I also remember being supressed emotionally instead of being allowed to be myself. I remember suffering extreme shyness in school instead of being outgoing as I should have been. I suffered all through school by all authority. This is what mind control does to a child. This is why people should QUESTION EVERYTHING from the “get go”. That “taskmaster whip” having been forced upon me by authority all of my life is why I’m a black sheep and rebel against all mainstream now. You know, that shit just doesn’t work with everyone. Not with me anyway. I told this to a special friend back in November 2007. Look at what I’ve been involved with and still am now.

Hmmmm… let’s see… I’m in the VacLib group, in the orgone network, against chemtrails, against the NWO/TPTB, against fluoride, against mainstream EVERYTHING. Nothing is an accident and it’s no coincidence that I’m involved with all these things. I’m really ONE PISSED OFF BITCH! Robert is also pissed with the things of the world too. I remember telling him just two days ago that I pretty much hate the world (not innocent people) right now.

That’s why the following snippet from Kevin’s article makes sense to me…

This is incidentally why you have TMJ: you are filled with rage and lock your jaw and throat down to hold it in. You grind your teeth while you sleep – as you dream you are a tiger tearing people apart with your mighty jaws!

So if you want to change your life, change your face and as you pull it forward you will experience these things you buried and release them. You will change your personality and be able to feel and express again. You will see things with clarity.

This goes beyond any of that twin soul stuff I often read so much about. It goes WAYYYYY back. I totally resonate with Kevin’s article.

I’m on my way of squashing this shit once and for all and I am fixing it slowly but surely. Now that I know alot of these things, there is no more taking it up the pipe and just accepting the “shitty lot” in life. I don’t have to accept anything I don’t want to. I don’t believe that all of it is karma either. Because I don’t think many of us ever did all this horrendous stuff in past lives to deserve some of the things that I see happening to many of us now. For example: Innocent babies dying from a vaccine reaction. Or a family of innocent boys from California who need to catch a break. Or all these innocent women who suffer life after life from unrequited love, loneliness and abuse. Well, you get the gist of it all. The list goes on. No stupid preacher, psychic, guru, medium or any other “know-it-all” will ever convince me that I and many others deserved the crap that got dished out on us all. If karma really was totally true?…., then TPTB and butt buddies would have gotten theirs already, and I certainly don’t see any of those evil ones suffering or paying THEIR karma.

However, I do understand that some things happen to shape us up spiritually. I’m not totally unreasonable, and so… with that in mind, I give you this article below that explains some of that too. I felt a little relieved and had a little more understanding after reading this…

from uwantsun’s blog The daily blather …
a crisis of disruption of life…

Thankfully, I know what all I need to do to get all this lifelong suppression UNDONE. I don’t know that I will be doing this headset thing, but definitely going ahead and doing the NCR. I know which and what supplements and foods that I need to rebuild and detoxify. It’s going to be an ongoing thing.

And it doesn’t stop with just me. I have also told my daughter what she needs to do to overcome any future health problems and the crap she’s gone thru due to my own ignorance as well. It’s up to her to follow through.

I will work on this computer 24/7 doing Clickworker, many affiliate programs from everywhere imagineable, Fusion Cash, DJ’ing, placing ads, you name it to pay for it all. I take special care in choosing affiliate programs and the products I believe in. I’m going to be the person I was meant to be that was planned BEFORE this life in spite of everyone. And I’ll still be doing what I can to help others along the way as I’ve always done.

If I have to, I’ll boost, blast, fast and pray day and night, whatever it takes, in order for the “sword of justice” to fall into all of our hands. Even if it’s just information, so we can be all we’re supposed to be and have our lives uninterrupted. We were meant to enjoy our lives and be blessed. And also help others be blessed and enjoy theirs too.

A special thanks goes out to Kevin Curtois for the most informative and awesome blog out there. And thank you Kevin for leading me to Dr. Dean Howell and his NCR work. I totally understand how and why I’m the way I am. And it goes way beyond facial symmetry. It’s about being all we can be in spite of those who try to stop it.

Thank you DB for your wonderful article as well, to help us understand some of the “whys” of the spiritual side of these things happening.

Thank you Robert for loving and accepting me, no matter how I look/looked and feel.

Thanks to all of you above for your wonderful articles and giving us the instructions and hope we all need. So there you have it, the physical and the spiritual to explain the “blockages” and “suppressions” in our lives.


2 comments to “Being All One Can Be And More…”

  1. Robert Says:

    Yes in deed, my wife Donna has survived her personal challenges in life TG, and so have I.

    Donna said “However, I do understand that some things happen to shape us up spiritually”.

    I agree. So happens that my wife and I have lots in common. I too have had head injuries.

    My first head injury was when I was 5 years old. I hit the left side of my forehead while running with my eyes closed. I had to get Stitched up.

    My second injury was when I was 11 years old my brother threw a rock that hit the back of my head and nocked me out cold.

    Oh! Also when I was about 4 years old there was some type of gas leak coming from a metal melting factory factory next door that also made me pass out. The same happened to many people living near by. I developed asthma. I thank the Lord for my Uncle Victor that gave me some natural product and years later the asthma went away.

    As I continue living my life I have had many close encounters with accidents that would have killed me, however because of my intuition for self preservation I have been able to avoid accidents that were to happened.

    1- So far three head on collisions that in all cases the drivers were on the wrong side of the rode.

    2- Twice I walked into my apartment and the gas stove was about to explode.

    3- In Florida driving on the highway in front of me was a huge truck carrying a Bulldozer dropped the load in the middle of the highway and I was just 5 car lengths behind it and was able to avoid a collision.

    4- This happened at night coming home from work I was about to be attacked by 5 dogs when I took off my beltand started to swing my belt very hard at the same time yelling at them Get away!

    Many times I have had to help people that were in car wrecks and I had to pull them out of a burning car, or were all Bloodied and had to stop the bleeding until the ambulance showed up to take over.

    This one Saturday at work during third shift at about 3AM my manager came in from a company party. He was very angry and cussing a lot. I walked with him to his office and he told me that he could not believe what he just found out. So I told him to hold on that I would be right back. Two minutes later I came back and he was not in his office. So I decied to do my usual security round. Here I am on the other side of the building on the 17th floor and I see this door to my left that I never check before. I opened the door and it’s an air shaft with a 5 feet fence and I here this crying on the other side of the fence and it was my manager getting ready to comeet suicide.

    So I yelled Jack don’t do it. And he said “These &&@@$XX they forced me out – they force me out”. Then I yelled back “Think about your daughter she’ll be here in a few ours and she LOVES YOU very much”. As I was saying all this to him I was reaching over the fence and was able to grab him and pulled him over to safe ground. After we talked for a few moments I walked him back to his office and later that morning he went home.

    So I have come to the conclusion that I am NOT accident-prone but I am prone to be around people that in some cases will need my help. I tell you this because I want you to know that I am NOT looking for these things to happen they just do and I have no control over them.

    Here is my bottom line. I worry for nothing. I really try NOT to worry at all. Life is just to short.

    So when shit happens to other people and I happened to be their, I just have to clean up their shit because their shit was put on my way for me to clean it up so they can live a little longer.

    Live one day a the time and don’t worry about tomorrow. We all have our assigned challenge as you live your lives and that is to help your selves first so you then can help others. Peace, LOVE, Health and Longevity to you.

    And yes, thank Donna for Loving me for who I am and putting up with all my ups and downs.

    PS – Don’t Do Flu Shots – Avoid all Vaccines at all cost and Keep your DNA pure

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Yes, Robert is an angel.

    I didn’t mention my TWO car accidents either.

    1. The first one I was in when my brother in law was driving us home one night, and I was 7 months PREGNANT with my daughter. TPTB and butt buddies tried to take US BOTH out on that one.

    2. Second accident years later when I was on my way to work one evening. Car just pulled out in front of me, no way of avoiding them. The damn car was almost paid for and it was totalled. Damn insurance companies wouldn’t even finish paying it off. Hit my head on the rear view mirror. Damn trolls.

    3. Broken collarbone at age 10, which contributed to the slight scoliosis.

    4. Falling on ice THREE freaking times in the last year and a half. And now my back, spine, neck and hips won’t stay in place. All that Atlas work for freaking NOTHING.

    Everything ever possible to attack my head and face and to suppress me all my life. TPTB must all pay and PAY YESTERDAY for everything they’ve ever done to us all.

    Thank God for this NCR so we can be on our way to being ourselves again in our physical bodies.