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May '11

Firefox Browser, Ad Blocking, Browsing, and PC Annoyances & Woes

Yes, this is a rant. I was just sitting here thinking about all the PC Woes I’ve had recently and in the past, and STILL have various issues.

The main reason I’ve always like Firefox browser is because of the add on extensions.

Especially Ad Block Pro!

I get very freaking annoyed when I use my search engine pages and Norton’s Safe Search has a green check-mark and says the site is “safe. And I go into a site and a DAMN banner appears tring to convince me to buy adware scanning program and suddenly without warning my computer is being scanned by this program if I close the popup banner. I have to scramble to shut it down. But what really pisses me off and makes me want to strangle those pop-up marketing perverts is when I went a site and I got one or another pop-up for porn. It’s a good thing I don’t have small children here looking over my shoulder while browsing. It’s times like those I wish it were possible to fire a shotgun at my monitor and have it load travel the networks and come out at the offender and get a load of buckshot blowing their system all to HELL and back!….and them with it!! I want these evil freaking pervs to just freaking die already!

A lot of the embedded ads on sites are just hidden malware ready to Fark over someone’s computer.

How dare them invade my privacy and attempt to destroy MY PROPERTY!!

Part of the problem, I think, is that advertisers on the internet went WAY too far a few years ago, and now we’re all leery of them. Remember when you couldn’t visit a site without a popup ad jumping out (or three of them)? Once the popup blockers became common, they quit doing that some. Still there are pop ups that Firefox and other browsers don’t block even if the settings are on HIGH.

But then they went too far with in-page content, clogging up the pipes with high-KB files that required eight times as long to load as the the rest of the page. Plus they glare out at you, help damage the layouts of pages, and are so ubiquitous that some pages rarely have “normal” space for a neutral click. Plus the over usage of Flash and Javascript. We are constantly being Flashed and Scripted to death.

Alot of these mega advertisers and corporate sites are upset over users using ad blocking sofware.

Well?…. They’ve just gone too far.

How about those of us who pay for every freaking megabyte of data downloaded? I can’t see anything wrong with blocking ads in this case. We have Wildblue Satellite and they have broadband limits on downloads AND uploads. Some sites have so many ads that if it wasn’t for AdBlock I would refuse to visit the site. I’m just so sick of consumerism and junk crap stuff that NO ONE needs in this life or any other.

If I am never going to click on unwanted ads anyway, why waste the ad companies bandwidth on me? By blocking them, I am saving them money.

So I have the Adblock Plus for Firefox. If they would have used some moderation in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

Most people still are not using any ad-blocking software. IE doesn’t have a GOOD option for this, and many Firefox users still are unaware of how good it is.

Google Chrome has allowable extensions too, but so far I have found an equivalent to Ad Block Plus. I do my searches STILL in Firefox because of the Norton’s Safe Search. Be aware that even though some virus protection programs such as Symantec/Norton’s, AVG and others has this safe search thing, their things are not always up to date. I got a hard to get rid of trojan even though the Norton’s said the site was safe. So still, the things are not 100% accurate and can give a false sense of security.



And I will too, as soon as financially possible.


5 comments to “Firefox Browser, Ad Blocking, Browsing, and PC Annoyances & Woes”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    It’s me again. I’m so sorry to read about your dilemma. Just the word “MAC” gave me the hunger for burgers! If I had to go “mac”, I sure wouldn’t go back. Hmm. A Mac on my Lap sounds good.

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Well, thank God it’s just annoyances mostly now. But I have caught viruses and such in embedded ads. And more than once too.

    I’ll be able to post more now that I have Google Chrome. Just downloaded it a few days ago, and it runs like a bat out of hell! YEAH!!

    It’s been YEARS since I had a burger, seriously.

    I eat chicken and fish sometimes, but try to keep eating mostly raw veggies and fruits. The chicken and fish are both cooked, of course. I would totally hurl if I ate raw meat. Blech!!

  3. FLYNN Says:

    Whew! No virus or hurl! Although, I’d imagine “raw food” being just about everything uncooked, such as clams, mussels, oysters, shellfish, sushi, etc… LOL!

  4. DADONNADJ Says:

    Ugh, I would blow chunks if I had fish and seafood raw. Only veggies and fruit raw for me.

    I just got reminded of this one time when we were kids, and my dad made my brother eat sardines raw.

    My poor brother was gagging the whole time, trying to keep from throwing up at the table. I felt so sorry for him. My dad was so mean at times and a total prankster.

    Well, I know where I get my prankster tendencies from. lol

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