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Nov '10

No More MyFace On The Interwebs


From now on, any pic of me and what’s on the internet will be either removed and/or set to private settings.

Someone threatened me harm on a public forum yesterday, and I take threats very seriously. Robert spent last night praying about this.

So today will be spent making profiles private, and pics either removed and/or private. I have asked that forum admin to delete all posts and to delete my account from there. There are angry, vindictive and crazy people out there. And I’ve had enough of the internet really. If it weren’t for Robert’s and my businesses and affiliate programs, I would just say yes, please switch off the internet.

Those on Flickr will be only viewable to friends and family. MySpace pics will all be set to private, others will be removed. If anyone is a friend or family of mine on Flickr, then you’ll still be able to see them. The public will no longer be able to see them.

The MyLife.com formerly Reunion.com entire profile has been deleted. The main reason for that, is that they kept making my name wrong, even after setting it to my proper name, they wanted it to go back to former married name of my daughter’s dad. So I deleted it. Bye bye.

Gravatar and avatars will all be changed to Miracle, SouthPark avatar, or maybe a cartoon, or a phenom pic. My posts will remain on most forums, especially TWWs, but I promise, any pics of me will disappear. The health info there is good, so all that stuff remains.

The hate energy coming towards me is un-freaking-believable. I can’t believe the hate that is out there. And for no reason too.

My blog information will be saved, as I have good health info out there, but from now on, I’m only going to be a faceless blogger and poster. But any posts with my pics on them here will be either to private or deleted, and posts on forums with pics will be edited out.

All my phenom pics, sylphs, faces, heart clouds, etc… will still be available for public view.

There is now a huge wall between me and the world, and this wall is as big as the Great Wall of China. And it will remain.

It will take a few days to remove pics, but eventually all will be private and/or removed.

And maybe this thing is part of the “dark night of the soul”, but why make it easier for them?

So bye bye pics.


4 comments to “No More MyFace On The Interwebs”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    Sorry to read about your troubles with your pic. The “Miracle” gravatar is cute. Thank goodness I still could see your “private” pics elsewhere! And prayers to you!

  2. FLYNN Says:

    Hey! I just saw one of your “rotating pics” via this weblog!

  3. DADONNADJ Says:

    I know, I’m getting to those too. I just finished up Flickr, and Gravatar. I’m working on all the Squidoo stuff now.

    Don worry, I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

  4. DADONNADJ Says:

    I have two gravatars profile, for some reason.

    The one here is associated with MessiahMews, and the other one is the WordPress digitalangeldonnadj, and it has the south park of me. So when you see my gravatars change back and forth, it means I’m logged into different accounts. Dunno how that happened, but it did. lol