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Nov '10

Another Deep Poem

Nope, this wasn’t written by me either. I just find these in various places online. I CAN and DO write poems, and when I do, I’ll post whether any given poem is written by me.

I feel sorry for these people though. Gives me a sad. :(

Thinking of you – 23 (Home)

You asked for time
Change up the ways
Everything that tore
Up our lives

In between, I made a mistake
I took for granted
Grew complacent
All I could do was take

Alter myself more everyday
“Too Late” is all you could say
They’re the only words I hear now
Dragging me down

So I’m singing a song
To an image of you
Serenading a revere
A dirge for a ghost of memory

Laying in bed, and as you sleep
I’m looking up, I’m counting Sheep
And there’s no use, I know the Truth
It’s the last time I’ll be with you

As long as they’re living and breathing, it’s NEVER too late to make it up with someone, as far as I’m concerned. Make up with people while there’s still a chance. Might be surprised.

I’ll pray for these people. While they write beautiful and deep poems, they’re sad, lonely and they hurt inside. I can relate though.

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1 Comment »

1 Comment » to “Another Deep Poem”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    I guess once the damage has been done – there’s no turning back. “Can forgive. Can’t forget” is what I’m feeling with the poet.