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Oct '10

to my twin soul…

Another poem, I found online. No, I didn’t write this. But I wish that I had though. I can surely relate with them 1000%.

The Universe is just too fucking cruel, me thinks.

to my twin soul…

if one day i would decide to come back…
it will be to experience the real thing
it will be to feel and live that state of total connection,
total bliss

i was happy with the idea to make this my last life…
but it feels as if life after life… the only thing i haven’t
experienced yet…
the only thing i am still yearning for…
is to feel real love through a man
is to be touched in that specific way
to be kissed… to be hold

only one man in my mind

if one fine day i decide to come back again…
it’s to wait for that man
even if it has to take ages for him to be back

there is only one for every one
it’s worth waiting for…
life is timeless
death doesn’t exist

only he
will be able to fulfill me
only in his presence will i be whole
only in his arms will i be a woman again.

in the mean time

i am wearing you
i am feeling you

it’s not getting better… just more intense

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1 Comment »

1 Comment » to “to my twin soul…”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    That’s my sentiments exactly up to the last points where the poet makes “it” feel like wearing a second skin. Ewww!