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Oct '10

Let’s Add The $1,200 To The Top Of My List, Shall We?


The anti-hag crusade NEVER ENDS. Ugh.

The tooth that broke off some last week broke off even more a little bit ago. Something is seriously wrong with my absorption and metabolism. $1,200 for ONE Crown.

I take supplements out the ying yang, and I STILL can’t absorb the calcium needed for the teeth. WTF happened to our bodies in the last 50 years? Could God not foresee that obstacles (depleted soils, flouride, environmental dangers, vaccines, etc…) would be getting in our way, and could have made our bodies just a little bit stronger? Seriously, I have a bone to pick when I die. Like expect us to keep coming back to this “trailer park hell”, in inferior bodies to learn karma from God knows what, since memories are erased & we don’t even know what we’re learning karma from.

Yes, this is a rant and I’m pissed. I’m way past this piece of shit body and OVER IT already. I want to leave this cursed world. It’s like this… I’m NOT coming back anymore, karma or not. I’m filing bankruptcy for ALL karmic debt. To be honest, I don’t think many of the good souls ever did anything so terrible to be eternally punished in this good for nothing hell called earth.

I’m so tired of seeing good people going thru the same shit over and over and over again, forever till the end of time. Like my niece, for example. WTF did she ever do to anyone? I can look at her and see nothing but a sweet, loving and gentle soul.

I’m so tired of having to fork out money for a never ending aging body and taking two steps backwards instead.

I would for once, LOVE to have something stick for a change. Like chiropractic adjustments holding, teeth staying fixed, weight staying steady, body staying clean, skin staying clear, food digesting properly, etc…

I”m eating organic, and ALOT of raw foods, eating the best that I can, buying the best supplements possible, and it’s NEVER ENDING.

I’d like to be able to help others, but I can’t if my own body can’t stay stable. It’s costing us way too many $$$$

If I was good looking, younger and single, I would just be a strip dancer, make 1000s a night and be done with it already.

Can something please work and stick for ONCE? KTHNXBYE.

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2 comments to “Let’s Add The $1,200 To The Top Of My List, Shall We?”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    Honey, if TPTB, God or who/whatever ever would materialize my dreams into realities, I’d be there for you, just as you have been there for “my family”.

    I too am prepared to file for bankruptcy for real. It’s gotten so bad on my side of this karmic debt that “throwing in the towel” seems like the only course of action.

    But please cheer up. You are still beautiful. And yeah, pain is no fun! :0)

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Thanks hon. ♥

    You know, they are also “my family” too. So you and I must be somehow related. :D

    But the last $50 I sent, Deborah must have not liked it, because afterward, she sent an email to Ricardo to “rub it in my face” again, knowing full well that he would tell me, which he promptly forwarded her email to me. And he doesn’t even know her, nor likes her. If she does it again, I’m gonna publish her email for ALL to see.

    Thanks so much Flynn. Lots of love your way… ♥