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Oct '10


For 5 days of part time work. Not bad. Actually, it was a pleasant surprise that they would need me, plus I’m still getting my regular $200 a month, and my regular online sales via my various affiliate programs.

On Friday, I made $27 via a commission from Project Green Life, PGL.

I’m going to need it because I have my list of things needing to be done and bought.

$1,200 for a crown for the upper tooth that broke off. :( Actually, I need 5 more crowns, so times that by 5. Ugh.

Will have to buy the Monosodium Phosphate to get the teeth stronger before capping.

$1,200 NCR for myself. Probably another $200 to pay for gas and lodging, because it’s close to Seattle, WA which is 5 hours away. Mine is for headaches, dizziness, depression, posture, adjustments to hold and energy

$1,200 NCR for my niece Stephanie. I really would love to help her get over her fibromyalgia and all. Plus an additional $500 to fly her out here. Her’s is mainly for headaches, lack of energy, pain, and spinal degeneration. Right now, SHE is my target of affection, if you will. She wants to get back to normal so she can be self sufficient once again. And I want to help her do so. So my main focus is getting us both back on track, and feeling whole again.

An additional $300-$500 for the rebuilding supplements, Platinum Plus Amino Acids, Vitalzym, Serralone and IntraMAX/IntraMIN® for the both of us.

I also want to buy some of the Master Amino Acid Pattern from Kevin from OrgoneProducts.org too.

$2,500 – $5,000 worth of lasering done. If I have to work in the public, then I’ll have to look good. :D


$8,400 for a demo Lapex 2000 BCS model. To get it for that price, I’ll have to join the company as a rep/saleswoman. Otherwise, a demo could cost $50,000 used, and $61,000 brand new.

$3,000 for top of the line WBV from Total IMage Fitness to put in a place for others to use. Also, I want the vertical vibration unit such as The Evolution or TheraVibe. I might could get the vertical one $9,000 for a used price.

I don’t really make ALOT of of the affiliate programs. But those that pay me via pay pal are for re-investing into the same products that I need. I’d rather someone buy a needed product than to donate me money. I have my basic needs met, but the health supplements are extra.

I wrote down on a list here all the products that I need to buy. Plus to buy and send my niece some too.

Regards work, I’m kind of glad to be back there. It was and is the only job I ever really liked to be honest. I have at least ONE more week of work, which will be helping to pack and catch up all the Coast To Coast orders that came in.

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