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Oct '10

Fugs? Or Not?

I know somebunny who will notice this title right away. Snicker…

Pics of me with NO MAKEUP!! !!!! ?! FAINTS!

I am on an Anti-Hag Crusade for real.

Doing various Facial Exercises with OxyLift, Dermal Tone and Zapping with Frequency Generator.



2 comments to “Fugs? Or Not?”

  1. FLYNN Says:

    LOL! No offense but definite, fugs without makeup! Keep at it hon. You’re still beautiful. Depends on how you feel on the inside that matters and DNA, too.

  2. DADONNADJ Says:

    Thankfully, Robert loves the way I look without makeup. Hehehe. And around the house with just him and I that’s how I always look. He thinks I look good with makeup, but he has never thought, nor said, that I’m fugs without it either. He says I glow the most right after a shower or washing my face.

    I think Robert is definitely an old and advanced soul compared to many other men out there. And I’m very thankful and grateful to have him.

    There are many women who wear makeup would never be caught dead without it. When I go to the store or chiropractor, I never bother putting any on. I only wear it if I go out someplace nice, go dancing or whatever.

    And I’m a former model too. lol

    Also, the lack of makeup is really healthier for the skin, because of letting it breathe. My skin on the face is definitely clearer, and is not all wrinkled either, save a few laugh lines, which I’ve had since late 20’s. And now, when I DO wear makeup, I never wear foundation anymore, as my skin has cleared up and tightened up enough to not needing it. All the facial exercising helps with blood flow and chi to the face, which IS healthy for it, btw.

    I really don’t mind looking plain, I just don’t want to look old. lol

    I guess if I had to pick something I don’t like about my face, it would be my small lips, which I still CAN NOT hide even WITH makeup. That’s the genetics or DNA. Plus given the fact of of having been kicked in the face by a horse, as a child, which kind of messed up the palate and jaw. I almost died from that. I think NCR can help bring my maxilla back forward, and get rid of my headaches and TMJ and other lifelong postural problems.

    But in all honesty, I kind of enjoyed putting my pics up without makeup and letting people see what I look like without it.

    And yes, you are a natural beauty and from what I can tell and feel from you online, I think you are beautiful on the inside too. :D