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Oct '10

Something Is Seriously Wrong With My Blog Here

The same thing has happened, as what happened to previous theme.

NOW I know it’s nothing I’ve done. There has been NO CSS edits, no funky posts with unclosed html or anything.

It has to be the blog software of WordPress.

The same display problems are happening all over again, which caused me to change the theme in the first place. NOW, I know it’s not the theme. It’s not anything I’ve done either.

The first page of several entries are different than earlier entries on older page.

The Travelogue theme has the original links in red, and after clicked on, THEN they turn to blue. Which is the color setup of the them.

But Nooooooooo, mine have to be the usual boring blue, which turns to purple after being clicked on.

Not only that, the font style changed. And also the size of the font in the sidebar links.

Now clicking on the individual post to read or comment will display correctly by itself.

I’ve done screen shots to show the differences in the display of the pages.

What the theme is supposed to look like FRONT PAGE of blog…

Now here’s how my first page of posts look. Check the post title. It’s supposed to be in red hyperlink, not blue…

Now look at the search bar links color…

Sidebar links…

Now older posts (2nd page and earlier pages) display the proper links color (and size).

A post title. Now look at the title link color….

Search bar links color…

Sidebar links…

WTF is wrong with my blog? Something is overriding the theme and making it display wrong ONLY of the first page of posts. When the page first loads, it will displays correctly for a second and then suddenly change to the shit display. It displays wrong in both Firefox and IE.

It’s not enough that my life has turned to shit. My health, my computer, and everything I touch turns to total shit now. And that is now including my blog.

I’m only a hair’s breadth away from just totally trashing everything and just go vegetate until I pass away.

Will all this bad stuff end and I can have a happy life once again?


Does the entire universe and everything in it totally hate me and works non stop to make sure nothing ever goes right for me? Does anyone know what “fuck me over means”?

It’s not meant for me to ever be happy again. That message has been long received and understood.

Dear God, get me the hell out of here pls. UGH! UGH! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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