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Sep '10


Was the happiest year ever for me, besides the birth of my daughter in 1980, of course.

I LOVED 2007. Everything about it. Especially November and early part of December.

I felt like my path was going forward smoothly and it was being the right one. Doing the usual activism, helping people with health and vaccines, telling people about orgone, gifting in my own way, etc…
My looks suddenly changing, and losing all that weight out of the blue (ask Lilly about that sometimes how different I look)….

Beginning to hear the earth’s tuning forks, becoming able to send and receive telepathic messages to people also capable of doing the same. Going out of body more in dreams, seeing things before they happened, just knowing a thing to be true, having THE THING confirmed to be true, etc… Just like that.

The DJ’ing started in 2007 too, with my first mixed album release called Soul Love. Everything was of perfection in 2007.

Then everything changed, just like that. And it hasn’t been right since.
I don’t feel that even God can fix that. I told my hubby that there must have been a timeline switch or something. I said to him, things are so wrong now and everything has changed. The most simplest of things turn to total shit now. Even Robert struggles with things becoming increasingly difficult. And two of my close friends are experiencing the EXACT same thing, and feeling the same way. One of them said to me, that she thinks we have sadistic gods or something. The other one screams rudely at her spirit guides and basically says she’s tired of taking it up the pipe too.

To be frank, so am I. I too, am tired of turning the other cheek, and just taking it up the pipe.

Two of my nieces are struggling. One, as said before, is practicing anger management. Another one is struggling with health (fibromyalgia) and has repeatedly said she no longer wanted to be here.

ALOT of that going around lately. Is it just me, or does everyone seem to be on the verge of wanting to check out of this trailer park hell?

The ONE good thing that happened for me in 2008 was my job I had gotten with Len Horowitz’s Healthy World Distributing. But of course that turned to shit too, because of that damn woman who came in and did everything to undermine those of us who were already there. Robert worked there too (just so he could be around me). She asked Robert for help for a thing, and then turned on him about the same thing, cause Len didn’t like it. Robert finally got up, stormed out, and wrote himself his last check and left.

It would be several months later that I would quit too, after the same woman was cutting myself and another sweet knowledgeable woman down, and said we were just fucking off. Yet, this other sweet woman and I were THE ONLY ONES who knew about alternative health. It was all about getting rid of all of us and getting HER daughter in there to work. Which didn’t last long, cause the daughter stole Len’s guitar and gave it to her dad. She got fired from a previous job with a convenience store, for guess what? Stealing. Ha!

Besides modeling and delivering Papa John’s pizza, it was another job that I truly loved. There are no jobs out there that really interest me. But then again, I no longer use a social security number either. I didn’t use one when I worked at Healthy World.

So basically, in a netshell, these past few years have totally sucked.

I would always look up to the sky and tell God, I want November 2007 back. He ain’t listening.

Sometimes I just wish Robert and I had stayed in Orlando, FL and never became activists of ANY kind. We were much happier then. Going out to all the nice attractions, such as Pleasure Island, the clubs, the music, and yes, sometimes even the boring meetings.

If I could go back, I would do it ALL differently. But of course, no one would know me today, and I probably wouldn’t be blogging here either. lol.

I want this timeline thingy fixed too. I want my happy life back and I want it back yesterday.

Trouble has a sad.

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