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May '10

Touching Heaven

Touching Heaven

In the year
two thousand and seven,
Oh the Love so strong
was just like Heaven

Oh so strong
was that love she felt
totally made her little heart melt

The boy did laugh,
and the girl did smile
While the sun shone in their hearts
all that while

Visions of hope filled up her heart,
But then came the blow that tore it apart

Out of that field, they call the left,
The winds of change, hit her hard as a belt

That wind came that very next year
changed everything and brought her many a sad tear

The girl did everything that she could,
Love and sacrifice, all which was good

Out of desperation, she so cried
Did everything she could, and oh so tried

The enemy came, which she thought would be never,
caused a distraction that was oh so clever
That ugly unpleasant surprise
which brought forth her hope’s demise

May thirteenth two thousand and eight
Came another blow that closed up that first gate
He turned her away as it did say,
which crushed her heart and caused her dismay

Her poor little heart, it went thru hell,
But she so loved him and worked in travail
And oh the work, she so did,
but in spite of it all, seemed to no avail.

All she wanted was the time of day.
but his heart went elsewhere,
and he stayed away.

As the years pass, they both still stand
on their own in their separate land.

Her heart still longs, and it hath yearned
waiting for that love to once again, be returned

Prayer and patience, now fills up her day
Praying the Most High will make open a way.

The prayers of the Elect
are heard by the Most High
The time is near and is drawing nigh.

The angel still stands at the doorway of heaven
Waiting for the two as the clock strikes eleven.

“Come my children, walk thru that portal door
You will leave this place and return no more.”

One cannot go thru without the other,
You both must go thru to meet your family, brother and mother.

And after that clock strikes eleven,
They finally walk thru
that door into their Heaven.


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