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Archive for November, 2015

Nov '15

Backup Generator Never Needs Gas (Ever) – Solutions From Science.

ESPECIALLY after the Great Pacific/Inland Northwest wind storm that resulted in 4 deaths and over 500,000 power outages.   See:  http://messiahmews.blogspot.com/2015/11/four-dead-1-million-lose-power-in.html
Backup Generator Never Needs Gas (Ever) – Solutions From Science.

Backup Generator Never Needs Gas (Ever) – Solutions From Science

Nov '15

Watch Episode 7 Excerpts Free From The Search for Sustainability Docu-series

Below is a brand new video just published as a set of excerpts from Episode 7 of The Search for Sustainability documentary series that I think you’ll really enjoy…
Each episode of the series focuses on a specific facet of sustainable living and thriving, and episode 7 is about Sustainable Art, Music, and Media, and in [...]

Nov '15

Don’t miss this documentary series starting now!

The Search for Sustainability – Episode 1: Searching for Sustainable Solutions is already live!
Watch the entire series here for free by visiting this web page
During this empowering documentary series, 49 uplifting voices speak out about the tragic and crucial emergencies going on in the world, the potentially imminent food, water, and financial collapse, and [...]