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Archive for November, 2014

Nov '14

The Daily Messenger: Cutting Through The Haze

The Daily Messenger: Cutting Through The Haze: By Don Bradley April 2009 We certainly live in interesting times. We live in a time where governments spray the skies with chemtrails, poison our food and water intentionally, plaster the airwaves with mind control laden music and videos, create false-flag attacks to restrict freedoms, start wars to [...]

Nov '14

The Daily Messenger: Every One Wants Dollars (Again)

The Daily Messenger: Every One Wants Dollars (Again): They undercut the major commodity pillars of any currency to strengthen its attractiveness. Oil, gold, silver, et al were all slashed and burned to prop up the nearly dead dollar. Except for water, electricity, eatables, RENTS, MORTGAGES, etc. Those stayed high; because it kept the slaves weak [...]

Nov '14

New Serrapeptase book, download available

I have a link for a FREE download of the new edition, Serrapeptase, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, by Robert Redfern, for all Good Health Naturally affiliates.
When the book was first written in 2002 it was 150 pages, this 3rd edition is now 362 pages and contains specific Health Plans that include serrapeptase. It will be going [...]

Nov '14

Antiperspirants HAVE Caused Cancer!

I know it sure sounds scary.  Some say it’s not true, that everywhere you turn, something else causes cancer.  If you consciously use your common sense, read some and think on it, you might come to the same conclusion as I have.
And if you think that you dare not go to [...]

Nov '14

Stiff and Painful Joints, and a Simple Tincture That Can Soothe Them

I think most of us feel some degradation in our joints as we age. Any joint that’s been used extensively can suffer over time.
It’s been called “the weakest link” theory:
a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
If your lifestyle, and your nutrition, are not quite right,
your “weakest link” is certain to show [...]