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Archive for June, 2011

Jun '11

528 Radio

I’ll be DJ’ing on 528radio.com/
Go to http://www.528records.com/ and register as a member. As a member you can listen to tracks & albums that have been converted to 528 hz, and also the radio will be playing various songs. There is an option to buy a premium membership where you can download the [...]

Jun '11

2 Nuclear Power Plants in Nebraska Under Siege

Two nuclear plants in Nebraska are under siege from Missouri River
floodwaters released by the Army Corps of Engineers. The locals
are calling this a “man-made flood” and the FAA has issued “no-fly”
zones above these two nuclear facilities.
The Corps estimates that floodwaters will continue at these extreme
levels for another 3-4 months. The levees which are protecting the
towns [...]

Jun '11

Must Watch Video on State of Radiation in Northern Hemisphere

This is the most concise, bullet pointed presentation on the dire situation of radiation I have seen yet. The video is only 9 min 54 seconds.

Here are a few bullet points covered in the video:
1 pound of plutonium could hypothetically give every person on earth cancer as it only takes 1/millionth of a gram [...]

Jun '11

somewhere over the rainbow

Someone unparalleled warmed my heart
All four chambers welcome the ardor
Somehow a small rift obstructed a circuit
All four-leafed clovers instantaneously wilted
Someway life bequeathed new unbeaten paths
All four months are quickly passing away
Yet. . .
Something karmic sporadically nags my mind
All four limbs dismantle my protective armor
Sometimes my heart-shaped shield breaks down
All four cardinal points nakedly exposed
Somewhere deep [...]

Jun '11

And My DJ Tee Shirt for DJ’ing

I just got this yesterday.

Doctor by day, DJ by night. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. With his medical degree and pedigree, Tinycat’s the most qualified DJ in the world: whether he’s spinning beats or listening to the beat of your heart, you can be sure his paw is on the pulse [...]

Jun '11

DJ Fun Fun Fun

Was asked by Len if I would be interested in DJ’ing for 528Radio.com.
Yup, I would. Stay tuned….
This will be most fun!
I’ve already got a mix uploaded there, and transposed it to 528 Hz. The website will transpose music from 440 to 528 for members and artists.
Will be getting some more short [...]

Jun '11

Fusion Cash Payout

Will come in very handy indeed.

Jun '11

A Weaponized World

Very informative 35 min video covering a number of tools the dark side is using to sterilize, sicken and kill mankind…..like…….radiation, HAARP, vaccines, GMO food (they like to spell “phude”) and much more.
Weaponized Pathogens (including the fake avian and swine flu “pandemics” and the new super-e. coli with its inserted plague DNA)
Weaponized “Phude” [...]

Jun '11

Miracle and The Miracle 6

Can’t no one convince me that cats don’t like zapping.
Ours sure does. If you look closely, the machine is lit up and ON. His paws are on the machine.
He always likes to lean on the box when I’m zapping too. That, or either right next to me where he’s touching me. Animals can [...]

Jun '11

Looking At Houses

Looking at this one online.
3 bedrooms,
2 baths
1,400 sqft
water from well
Built in 2005
PRICE: $198,000
I like this one alot and so does he, but it’s WAYYYYY over our budget.
$198,000!!!!!!!!!! Cough cough… choke!
I’d still rather rent, because if one is bought, then we’re stuck here in BFEeeeee…alaska!!!