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Archive for March, 2011

Mar '11

Serpent Face In The Sky by Theo Johnson

Definitely a snake head. Ugh.
I took this on 3/24/11 at the Champaign Skate park.

Mar '11

More YouTube Videos of Two Suns In The Sky

i played this video over and over. it is not a glare in the window or the lens. if you look closely, at exactly 3:15 a bird flew past it if it was a glare, the bird will disappear on the object. but it was the other way around. you can see the bird passing [...]

Mar '11

Happy Birthday Buggy!

Happy Birthday Pretty Kitteh! We LUV U LONG TIME Buggy!
Happy Birthday Song

Mar '11

Radiation FAQs – Part 2 | Quiddity Nutrition Organic

The nuclear disaster in Japan is a great tragedy for the Japanese people. We need to understand that this is primarily a local disaster for Japan. There is a very small chance that there will be any negative health impact on the rest of the world.
Alert level climbs from Level 4 to Level [...]

Mar '11

Japan Radiation Update 4

Friday, March 18, 2011
This is my fourth post about the Japanese nuclear disaster. First, I have to give credit to the U.S. government for suggesting that U.S. citizens move further away (50 miles) from the radiation danger. This action would serve to verify the severity of the crises.
I believe this crisis should highlight the need [...]

Mar '11

Japanese Radiation Update 3

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
As the news in Japan worsens, I am getting more and more questions about what to do. Let me try and address as many questions as possible. I will keep blogging about this until most of the questions are answered.
First, I believe the Japanese government is not being truthful about the magnitude [...]

Mar '11

Japan Radiation Update

This this is my favorite subject! I’ve been taking Ioderol for years. We met Dr. Brownstein from Michigan and Dr. Jorge Flechas from Puerto Rico at the Cancer Control Society back in 2006. At the time we were trying to save L’s thyroid, but alas, it was too late for him! [...]

Mar '11

Hidden Messages

Saw this on Facebook. Nothing is a surprise anymore. It’s really a “in your face” thing.
www.itanimulli.com is a National Security Agencies website …
so check this out. take the word illuminati and spell it backwards. you will get itanimulli . Type illuminati backwards and add a .com and see what website pops out….

Mar '11

Seaweed Educator: Protecting Ourselves from Radiation Contamination …Thoughts on Radiation Exposure

Gail A. L.Hayden
California Farmers’ Markets Association
3000 Citrus Circle #111
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
phone: 925-465-4690
fax: 925-465-4693
cell: 925-798-7060
— On Sun, 3/13/11, Catherine Abby Rich wrote:
From: Catherine Abby Rich
Subject: Thoughts on Radiation Exposure
To: leenalisa@yahoo.com
Date: Sunday, March 13, 2011, 8:46 PM
Dear Ones.
As many of you know, I became a seaweed educator in the last years. Please read the [...]

Mar '11

[Vaccination-Liberation] Warning: Know The Dangers Of Taking Potassium Iodide

As of today, I STOPPED the emergency dose of Potassium Iodide. I’m still taking the Brown Seaweed Extract by Global Wellness brand that Healthy World sells. I have just ordered the Detoxified Iodine as mentioned in the below article posted by Ingri.
I have two detoxified iodine brands available. These are the two I [...]