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Archive for December, 2010

Dec '10

Season’s Greetings

From my family to yours…

Except I’m not in any of the pics, but all these guys and gals ARE my family.
May this day, whatever it means to you, and this coming year find you & yours blessed, prosperous, healthy and happy. ♥

Dec '10

Emergency Action Alert!

Emergency Action Alert!
Food Safety Passes the Senate in Shocking Maneuver
December 20, 2010
Sunday night, in one of the most underhanded and outrageous legislative maneuvers we’ve seen, the Senate passed the language of S. 510, the Food Safety bill, by a unanimous consent agreement. It now goes to the House of Representatives. We have one [...]

Dec '10

More On NCR (Neurocranial Restructuring)

The LAST CHANCE Health Report
by Sam Biser
Volume 6, Number 1

Dec '10

World Passport

Want to encourage everyone who is concerned about privacy and “options” regarding foreign travel and passports to investigate the “World Passport.” This is a passport used by sovereigns that does not tie you in with the commercial matrix. It is recognized by the U.N. and most countries. Below is a link with [...]

Dec '10

MAP™ (Master Amino-Acid Pattern)

Announcing MAP™ (Master Amino-Acid Pattern)
The World’s Most Nutritious Amino Acid Supplement
Prof. Luca-Moretti’s presentation in Dublin on 31st January 2002
Summarised by Kris Zurek
Holistic Health Practitioner
For the first time in the history of humanity we are provided with the most perfect protein with antiaging properties that is synthesised into the matrix of the human body virtually 100%, [...]

Dec '10

LOLMart Shirts Clearance

They are still having the clearance of old shirts.
Last week, they had their first clearance and I was able to get the o_O Wonky Eye Kitteh, and they sent the shirt right out, so I got the shirt after all. Love that green color too. It looks good on me.
Note: Pay attention [...]

Dec '10

Picture of the Year !!!!!

This is the Columbus, Ohio family that just had the sixtuplets, this picture is priceless!

Dec '10

A Good Two Weeks

Moneywise, that is.
The various affiliate programs, PTC programs, Data Entry via Clickworker.com, etc…
That’s also why I’ve not been posting as frequently as I used to.
I’m very thankful and grateful for all these opportunities, and if I CAN DO THIS, so can anyone else that has a computer and an internet connection.
Here’s a copy of my [...]

Dec '10

Fusion Cash Pays Too

Check it!…
Hi _______,
Your cashout request for $25.02 has been approved and processed.
You can expect your PayPal payment to arrive by the 20th of the month.
If the 20th lands on a weekend or holiday, payments are processed on the following business day.
Thanks for using FusionCash, and enjoy your money!

One thing about doing this program is [...]

Dec '10

LOLmart – Last Chance for Some Awsum Shirts! – December 7, 2010

Yay Yay Yay!!
Good news in email.
I get to have the o_O Wonky Eye Kitteh after all, it seems.

Hey, folks! Looks like Basement Cat stashed some extra Shirt-of-the-Day’s away in his lair; luckily we found them as we were getting out the Christmas decorations this past weekend (don’t worry, we got all the [...]