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Archive for May, 2010

May '10

The Green Beautiful

Below is an amazing film called “The Green Beautiful.” It is in French and was done for a film festival to help with conscious awakening. The setting of the film is people from another planet who have learned to live in complete harmony with each other and nature, developed powers such as telepathy, [...]

May '10

eMatrix™ Skin Rejuvenation

The Matrix IR™ is Sublative Rejuvenation™ using eMatrix™.
Depending on your area, prices will more than likely vary.
Here are some before and afters:

Matrix RF Before and After Pictures
Clinical Treatment Results | Matrix Skin™
eMatrix – Deliver Effective Results With Minimal Downtime | Syneron – Home
Matrix Skin™ | Radiant Skin Through Sublative Rejuvenation™
Can also find a place closest [...]

May '10

Donna & Jackie

A couple of pics of Jackie and I.
They click out to My Flickr Photos.

May '10

Kitten with a Whopping HUGE Heart

Kitten says “I Love Dot” in her fur.. and her mamma’s name is Dottie!
“A California family says the unusual markings on one of their kittens, proves the kitty’s love for its mother.
Take a close look at the side of the cat — on its fur you can see the message “I Love Dot.”
The family says the name of the kitten’s mother is Dottie — and the message of love is for her.
The unique kitten was one of a litter of six.”

May '10

Cat Has Another Cat on His Back

“Dat shadow iz always following meh.”
Cat with Cat-Shaped Markings on His Back
Here’s a very cute cat that has gotten lots of attention. The markings on the back of this Japanese cat look like another cat. You can see lots more photographs of this cat with the unusual markings at this website. This kitty also has [...]

May '10

Valentines Kittens with Heart Shaped Markings

And heart poses too!!
Uploaded on September 6, 2007
by Marinasaurus

Uploaded on January 3, 2009
by Anne With An “E”
Anne With An “E”

From Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

I heart dot markings…

Uploaded on February 21, 2009
by tonythesuperperson

Happy Valentine’s Day! Photo: Caroletn

black cat with white heart
Uploaded on October 3, 2007
by uta von naumburg

Love [...]

May '10

<3 =^..^=

This cat is a little pissed off at the other one. lol

May '10

Cat has a Valentine’s heart


May '10

Nyao – Kitteh With Hearts

Nyao has three heart spots. A lot of happiness will come to you!

May '10

Sweetheart – the cat with a heart marking