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Jan '15

[Vaccination-Liberation] Recent news – update

Wanted to share a couple things from Monday that I have finally reviewed and wanted to share –
1) Transcripts of an interview with Ken McLeod and Meryl Dorey regarding the efforts among pharma patsies to block Dr. Tenpenny from entering Australia.
After they blocked World War 2 historian David Irving from speaking there several years ago, a dangerous precedent was [...]

Aug '10

Obamacare is now available

People registering now for “free” obamacare at the government sponsored GEHA website are in need of healthcare FROM THE SHOCK they are experencing—–that obamacare is far from cheap, let alone free.
This FEDERAL government insurance policy will be in effect until 2014 at least. But prices can go up during that time.
You can’t register for [...]

Jul '10

VacLib Feedback

Hello ——-,
Thanks for emailing us! Although I know of a few nursing students in the past who have managed to get through the nursing program at NIC without the “required” vaccines, I have been told that they are much more militant about it now. If it were me, I would challenge this all [...]