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Jul '16

Friday Cuss And Discuss 15 July 2016

Anyone that cares about the welfare of others deserves to be supported as far as I’m concerned. So these are William’s links.
Published on 15 Jul 2016
Stock Up On Survival Food Today! -
Great Tea To Rid Your Body of Toxins!
Earn Extra Income From Weather Patterns With This Secret System!
And these might be a good investment, after [...]

Dec '13

The Daily Messenger: 1929 or now…big differences (a reader writes)

The Daily Messenger: 1929 or now…big differences (a reader writes):
Back in 1929 there was 2 billion people on Earth, now there is 7+ billion all competing for the resources that have become much less by design with so-called “Fair Trade.”
Back in 1929 there was still an excellent base of farms and food production that [...]

Feb '12

TSA Help Wanted – hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts and the Bill of Rights

Ladies! Make your message to the TSA perverts known by wearing this shirt! Don’t Touch My Kitty – Put On Some Travel Cattitude
Welcome to Don’t Touch My Kitty, the female counterpart to Don’t Touch My Junk. Let the TSA know how you feel about their Enhanced Pat Down procedure. Take some catitude to [...]

Feb '12

Naomi Cambell’s New Eco-Friendly Eye-Shaped Home

Naomi Cambell’s New Eco-Friendly Eye-Shaped Home
Need I say more?

Jan '12


Okay…. So today I was sitting in the car, at the grocery store waiting, when this older woman had walked out of the store and on the sidewalk towards me.
She looked at me for a few seconds, and then walked around semi-circle like maybe she was confused or something, and then suddenly walked away in [...]

Dec '11

What Bing is Revealing?… Coincidence?

Thanks to Orb Classified for this…
Ran into this in the microsoft bing website on 12-6-11 . It says, ” It’s hard to see the reptilian invasion below”
I thought the box was concentrated in the Southern California, but it’s actually the Florida Everglades area. Now, do you suppose that they are just talking about the [...]

Jul '11

Could you complete step 48?

1: Open Google Maps (directions)
2: Type China as your starting point
3: Type Taiwan as your destination
4: Read step 48
5: Once you’re done laughing, tell us how you’d complete step 48!
Perhaps I would get a speedboat.

Apr '11

4-Eyed Kitteh

Okay, I’ve seen alot of weird shit, but this has got to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think this is real, but it could be a real phenom.
But… if this is for real, I want this cat!

You Tube Videos:

Artists Photos of other 4 eyed cats…

Mar '11

Hidden Messages

Saw this on Facebook. Nothing is a surprise anymore. It’s really a “in your face” thing.
www.itanimulli.com is a National Security Agencies website …
so check this out. take the word illuminati and spell it backwards. you will get itanimulli . Type illuminati backwards and add a .com and see what website pops out….

Oct '10

Let’s Add The $1,200 To The Top Of My List, Shall We?

The anti-hag crusade NEVER ENDS. Ugh.
The tooth that broke off some last week broke off even more a little bit ago. Something is seriously wrong with my absorption and metabolism. $1,200 for ONE Crown.
I take supplements out the ying yang, and I STILL can’t absorb the calcium needed for the teeth. [...]