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Jun '16

Rebuilding Your Teeth (Teeth Stuff)

For Dave C. and anyone else reading this.  As per suggestion, we did mostly Amazon Resources since that was the personal preference.
Most of these are what I like to use for myself.  I healed an upper back left molar with fermented cod liver oil, and mostly monosodium phosphate (MSP).
Gerard Judd Protocol:
Gerard Judd Book (free online) [...]

Apr '16

Now Playing: The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest 9 part docu-series.

Watch the most anticipated event of the year right here for free. 131 doctors, scientists, and survivors share their secrets to preventing, treating and healing…
(Plus I can share with you that we’re starting to make those “Powers That Be” nervous… turns out they’re not really fans of free speech!)
However, we’re just getting started.
Beginning April 12, [...]

Mar '16

The Truth About Cancer™ Affiliate Program

The Truth About Cancer™
“Quite Possibly The Most Important And
Most Profitable Promotion You’ll Do All Year”
—Ty Bollinger
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Jun '11

A Weaponized World

Very informative 35 min video covering a number of tools the dark side is using to sterilize, sicken and kill mankind…..like…….radiation, HAARP, vaccines, GMO food (they like to spell “phude”) and much more.
Weaponized Pathogens (including the fake avian and swine flu “pandemics” and the new super-e. coli with its inserted plague DNA)
Weaponized “Phude” [...]

Mar '11

It’s Iodine, Baby!

This is a repost from BeautifulDreamer
Are you tired, run-down, listless?
Do you poop out at parties?
Are you unpopular?
The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle: IODINE.
This lens is about iodine and other ways of feeding and keeping your thyroid and other glands happy. Since starting iodine myself, I’ve discovered that I’m actually [...]

Mar '11

Light Bulbs and Mercury

Consumers Forced To Buy Dangerous Light Bulbs
End Of Incandescent Bulbs Forcing Consumers To Buy Bulbs With Mercury.
It’s time to start stocking up on incandescent and full spectrum light bulbs and like RIGHT NOW.
Beware of anything with the “Fluor” in it. More than likely it’s fluoride.
fluor n
1. fluorine (chemical [...]

Oct '10

Broken Tooth And Monosodium Phosphate

Somehow I broke off a piece of a tooth last night. I’ve always had trouble with my teeth, and this is one on the top too. My teeth are like sea shells actually, and I already have some of the top teeth capped. I really do not want to pull it or [...]

Jun '10

The Terror of Pediatric Medicine

The Terror of Pediatric Medicine is a free downloadable e-book from IMVA Publications.
The book covers in-depth the vaccine controversy, pediatric dentistry, oncology as well as childhood psychiatry and psychology. The book format is in beautiful html.
…”This book will be exceptionally difficult for doctors and nurses to read because they genuinely believe they are acting in [...]

Jun '10

Iodine — Dr. Flechas’ Radio Broadcast

From: http://www.fertilethoughts.com/forums/resources-faqs/522794-iodine-dr-flechas-radio-broadcast.html
Iodine deficiency is being linked to many diseases/disorders. A group of medical doctors have been studying the effects of iodine supplementation for the last few years and have had some interesting results with fibrocystic breast disease, PCOS, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism.
What has me the most excited is that it helps hormone receptors work [...]

Jun '10

Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D.’s Good Teeth, Birth to Death: The Prescription for Perfect Teeth! Originator of the Alcohol Cure!

Dr Gerard F Judd, Ph D ’s Good Teeth, Birth to Death The Prescription for Perfect Teeth! Originator of the Alcohol Cure!

“I started using toothsoap a year ago and I LOVE IT!!! At that time I noticed that it only took one week to wash away the tartar and calculus buildup that I had [...]