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Jan '16

We need help getting on our feet ❤ by Kristen Pierce

My daughter’s husband got a new better paying job, which means they had to move to the city where her husband got his new job as a professional chef.
If any of y’all can help her, it would make me a very happy camper.  We’re helping them a little at a time ourselves.  We got [...]

Nov '13

Life Preserver for Diana and her Daughter

We need to raise at least $500 for a homeless friend to get to FL to be with her daughter who is also in dire straits. She is stuck in California. Her name is Diana.
To begin with her daughter’s new home came with some kind of bird mites, which is noted when you [...]

Feb '12

The Courage to say NO!

Ordinary people. The courage to say no.
The photo was taken in Hamburg in 1936, during the celebrations for the launch of a ship. In the crowed, one person refuses to raise his arm to give the Nazi salute. The man was August Landmesser. He had already been in trouble with the authorities, having been sentenced [...]

Feb '12

Naomi Cambell’s New Eco-Friendly Eye-Shaped Home

Naomi Cambell’s New Eco-Friendly Eye-Shaped Home
Need I say more?

Sep '11

Our Friend and REAL Newsman Don Harkins died 2 years ago today… Dont ever forget him! : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

Today is the second anniversary of our dear friend Don Harkins’ passing.
May he rest in peace.
His smiling face, his giggle/ laugh, and especially his voice and views are sorely missed. We still miss you Don!

Sep '11

First Impression

First Impression gospel group is my brother-in-law’s former group. A beautiful group of guys with angelic voices. They are my brother in law Phill Wade, his brother Danny Wade and a good friend Kirk Ayers. I don’t remember when they quit singing and recording together, but it was more than likely when he [...]

Aug '11

Susan Boyle

Watching and listening to her STILL gives me goosebumps.

And I absolutely LOVE her I Dreamed A Dream Album

Susan’s story is one of pain and triumph. She went from a child with learning disabilities, to an adult with relentless passion. At the age of 47, she shocked the world with her beautiful voice, and became [...]

Jul '11

July 22nd Bday Wishes — Happi Birf Day 2 Meh

Thanks Everyone!
These are the wishes I got today.
From the ICHC Cheezburger profile:

From Anne & Buggy:

From Diana:

TWO from Ricardo: lol
And one from his Facebook reminder. Yes, he screen shot it and sent it to me.

From Danny and Sarah:

Andy, Riva and John:

From Alena, Edith and Terry:

I will add more screen shots as they come [...]

Mar '11

Congratulations To My Friend Jairo R.

Just a quick congratulations to my friend Jairo Ramirez JR aka Ricardo) on his new job.
And also congrats on a nice chunky raise too! He’s in the IT business.
And he still keeps me laughing.
Here’s wishing you the best and blessings in your new job! Love ya lots! Muahhhh!! ♥
The [...]

Mar '11

Collectibles For My Cheez Frenz

Since most of my readers of this blog don’t know what ICHC Collectibles are, let alone what Cheezburger is, can just kindly skip this post. I understand.
Several of my Cheezburger Buddies and I have been trading ICHC collectibles back and forth since about November/December.
There are alot of them that are missing many of them, [...]