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Oct '10

More Orgone Made

Some of it has already been gifted too.

Oct '10

Shungite and Orgone

I would LOVE to make some of this!
Shungite and Orgone
Shungite and Orgone were made for each other. Orgone absorbs and transmutes energies. Shungite absorbs and needs clearing once it is full. Shungite powder mixed into resin with powdered metal and gold leaf makes a very powerful piece of Orgone because in this partnership the Shungite [...]

Oct '10

Aluminum Shavings Machine Has A Sad. :(

Machine would not be sad for long, if’n it knew that the shavings would be put to good use, such as orgonite. Ahem!
Aluminum Vice is in Desperate Need of a Haircut
see more Happy Chair Is Happy

Aug '10

Orgone Made

Well, well, well…. We made some orgone today.
Yes, I can actually make the stuff. In the summertime, that is.
While I much rather buy it from my favorite orgone vendor, he quit the business recently, so I have to resort to making my gifting pieces myself. I’ve made it many times [...]

Aug '10

Lots of love!

Lots of love from Bruce…
And good energy too!
Thank you Bruce, this is very nice!!!

Subject: Emailing: 250l99i heart orgonites
Date: 8/8/2010 8:06:58 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: bkenny2@…
Reply To: To: Services4Health@…
Couldn’t resist forwarding this. From http://forum.die-fremden-welten.de/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=84

Jul '10

ELW, Dodec & More from Ben Morten

Now Available Again.
The original Etheric Laser Wand and Morton Dodecahedrons and More
Contact: mortonorgoneart@gmail.com to learn more
Ben Morton, inventor and producer of all Etheric Laser Wands worldwide
I’m so glad to see that Ben Morten is back online and making his wonderful orgone again.
I’ve always wanted one of those dodecahedrons, and now is my chance to eventually [...]

May '10

This heart… I Haz It!!

Thank you bk0002 for this awesome piece of orgone art!!

May '10

Second Sun Orgone by DianaCMcC

This is for sale. Your order would be much appreciated.
Her paypal is mountdeva@aol.com
Second Sun Orgone by DianaCMcC
DianaCMcC — April 12, 2010 — light conscious and higher vibration, the second sun will ignight all our orgone and orgonite to work, I feel. You want one?

Light Consciousness Orgone, Angels select by DianaCMcC
DianaCMcC [...]

May '10


“Is that Divine?”
asked the little girl by the lake.
I replied.
From from a dream I had this morning.
I dreamed I was gifting and I was next to a lake.
Some little girl asks me.
“Is that Divine?”
And my answer was, “yes it is”.
And I gave her a blue EHHG, because she had asked me the right question.