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Sep '10


Amega Bracelets include a Bio-Energetic Therapy. This is an ancient alternative therapy. It is scientifically proven as a methodology that really works!
The Amega bracelet technology includes magnets plus far-infrared (FIR).
The functioning of our organs is dependent on good blood circulation and energy flow.
Amega’s rare Neodymium Magnets are rare earth magnets of 3,000 gauss. [...]

Jul '10

Jalapenos don’t lie

—–Original Message—–
From: “Stan Hamilton”
To: “**Roberto Carrillo”
Subject: Jahapenos don’t lie
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 12:39:28 -0400
Hi Roberto,
Marilyn and I have quietly been conducting a couple of experiments, using the same exact methods that would be done in a laboratory with plants, to prove once and for all, that energy does indeed, come out of [...]

Jul '10

The Amega Mat-sleep in zero point energy

Here is a sneak peak at what the Amega zero point mat is going to look like. “From the appearance of the mat, it appears that there will be about 336 zero point pendants embedded in the mat for one to sleep on. According to the latest estimates, if any person sleeps on [...]