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Feb '15

Autistic Dogs Remember Who They Are After Taking Organic Sulfur

The Cellular Matrix Study includes 170,000 people worldwide who are taking organic sulfur regularly. Many had previously been taking anti-depressants or diabetic meds for years. When blood sugar levels finally come down, there’s no use for the lying numbers of medicine and science. Besides the 170,000 living and breathing human beings in our study, we’ve [...]

Jan '12

Miskha – The Talking Husky

She says I Love You, NOOOOOOOOO, HELLOOOOOOOOO. Once I got Miracle to say “Mama”.

Click this link to see more Mishka videos→http://www.youtube.com/gardea23
Mishka’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mishka-the-Talking-Husky/105928132792594
Mishka’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/mishkathehusky
Mishka’s 3D Channel: http://www.youtube.com/3Dmishka

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