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Jun '16

Rebuilding Your Teeth (Teeth Stuff)

For Dave C. and anyone else reading this.  As per suggestion, we did mostly Amazon Resources since that was the personal preference.
Most of these are what I like to use for myself.  I healed an upper back left molar with fermented cod liver oil, and mostly monosodium phosphate (MSP).
Gerard Judd Protocol:
Gerard Judd Book (free online) [...]

Jan '13

Kite Surfing Kailua Bay after getting Bone Marrow & PRP for a rotator cuff tear. John Lieurance.

Now all we need is to get this tech for regrowing and regenerating teeth ASAP!

Feb '12

Wilhelm Reich – Cloudbusting (1953)

Sep '11

Powerful and Quick Construction Concrete Canvas Shelters

Really amazing technology. If I ever become homeless, I could always do this…
Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require a light truck, an air pump and a water hose for construction. The key to CCS is the use of inflation to create a surfacethat is optimized for compressive loading.
This allows thin [...]