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Jun '15

The Cat’s Meow (Mix)

The Cat’s Meow (Mix)
I’m bored.
Why not?
All these kyoot Meow Mix songs and jingles, and so wanted to mix them all up.
Meow Mix Song | EDM Cat Remix by Ashworth, Nyanyanyanyanyanya (GENESIS remix), Meow Mix Single | Remix by The Shelines mixed by Digital Angel Donna DJ (www.digitalangeldonnadj.com)
Meow Mix Song | EDM Cat Remix by Ashworth
Nyanyanyanyanyanya [...]

Feb '15

Global Deejays Mix (2015)

Global Deejays Mix
Direct Download:
[Right Click, Save As] Global Deejays Mix
[Listen] Embedded Player (House-Mixes.com):

01. Most Wanted – Bad Boys 2006 (Global Deejays Radio Edit)
02. Global Deejays – Zelenoglazoe Taxi (Extended Mix)
03. Global Deejays Feat Technotronic – Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Maurizio Bubellini Remix) / Global Deejays – Get Up (Feat Technotronic – General [...]

Feb '12

New Mix – Club-mixes-vol-3 in 528

Hmnmmmm…. dunno though, because it gets loud right in the middle. It didn’t sound that way in the mixer. Maybe I should have just exported to a wav file and let dBPower Amp convert it to the .mp3 format. But the mixing software also exports to finished file. So I’m rethinking this. [...]

Dec '11

Digital Angel Donna DJ mix Soul Love Now on YouTube

No, I didn’t upload it, but this kind guy did. Thank you so much for that.

The download is on this page…

Sep '11

Important Notice to All Who Are Linking to My Music Mixes Page

The wordpress.com one was taken down and I’m not going to try to recreate it elsewhere. I’m SOOOOOOO over it and PAST using everyone else’s sites.
Squidoo.com did that crap too, which is why I got this blog installed on my own paid site in the first place.
I have all that I need right here [...]

Jul '11

Mixing in 528

I just found out today from Jairo (Ricardo) that my Numark Mixmeister Control can be set to mix in 528. Also found out that iTunes can be set to playback in 528.
Jairo: actually remember that
mixer you bought
all those volume knobs
on the side
are for frequency
if you set them to 528
me: When we get [...]

Jun '11

528 Radio

I’ll be DJ’ing on 528radio.com/
Go to http://www.528records.com/ and register as a member. As a member you can listen to tracks & albums that have been converted to 528 hz, and also the radio will be playing various songs. There is an option to buy a premium membership where you can download the [...]