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Feb '15

Support GMO Labeling T-Shirt

Block and Censor this FB Nazi Dipshits!

Help support GMO labeling with this exclusive new GMO labeling t-shirt by Natural Society! Proceeds from these limited designs go towards fighting for labeling around the nation!
Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/product/support-gmo-labeling-t-shirt/
Product Description
Now is the time to label GMOs! Help join the fight with your purchase of the exclusive new GMO Labeling [...]

Feb '12

Nyan Cat Tee Shirts


I got my Nyan Cat tee shirt yesterday, but it’s tighter than I would like, plus not enough stretch.
So….. sending it to my daughter and already ordered the next size larger.
Oh Good God! These big ass titties! Gotta get a breast reduction. Woof!
I also got my Meh tee shirt (fits [...]

Feb '12


Since I feel like this most of the time due to the state of the world, etc…, I think the tee shirt is pefect for meh. 

Dec '11

Angry Nyan Cat – Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Score this design: “the Angry Nyan Cat,” to help it get printed on Threadless!

Jun '11

And My DJ Tee Shirt for DJ’ing

I just got this yesterday.

Doctor by day, DJ by night. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. With his medical degree and pedigree, Tinycat’s the most qualified DJ in the world: whether he’s spinning beats or listening to the beat of your heart, you can be sure his paw is on the pulse [...]

Mar '11

Don’t Touch My Kitty – Put On Some Travel Cattitude

Don’t Touch My Kitty, the female counterpart to Don’t Touch My Junk. Let the TSA know how you feel about their Enhanced Pat Down procedure. Take some cattitude to the airport by wearing our T-shirts and removable stickers. Place a permanent sticker on your bumper or window. Make your voice heard!
I’m buying this!

No Touch Mai [...]

Jan '11

Alberto Makali Nice Dress Shirts

For some time now, I have been looking for some very nice long sleeved dressy feminine shirts, but couldn’t find anything I liked locally. I don’t shop WallMart, and there’s really not that many unusual stores around here.
I have plenty of nice crisp colorful tee shirts (thanks LOLMart!) now, and really love them. [...]

Dec '10

LOLMart Shirts Clearance

They are still having the clearance of old shirts.
Last week, they had their first clearance and I was able to get the o_O Wonky Eye Kitteh, and they sent the shirt right out, so I got the shirt after all. Love that green color too. It looks good on me.
Note: Pay attention [...]

Dec '10

LOLmart – Last Chance for Some Awsum Shirts! – December 7, 2010

Yay Yay Yay!!
Good news in email.
I get to have the o_O Wonky Eye Kitteh after all, it seems.

Hey, folks! Looks like Basement Cat stashed some extra Shirt-of-the-Day’s away in his lair; luckily we found them as we were getting out the Christmas decorations this past weekend (don’t worry, we got all the [...]

Dec '10

LOLmart – Our Most Popular Shirts IN LONG SLEEVES! – December 6, 2010

It’s cold out there… get a Long Sleeve Classic Shirt to keep you warm!
I have ALL of these in short sleeve. I’m going to get
Catnarok, Long Sleeve Longcat, Long Sleeve Presidential Cats, and Evolution of The Cat, in long sleeves.
My daughter ended up getting my first Presidential Cats shirt, because I didn’t understand the [...]