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Mar '11

Fusion Cash Cashout Payment

Yay! I just got my Fusion Cash Payment!

And got my Clickworker.com payment a few days ago too.

Can’t NO ONE tell me these programs don’t pay. This is money to pay a utility bill with, buy needed supplements or even a few groceries.
These programs can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but they [...]

Feb '11

Fusion Cash Cashout

I just cashed out $30.30 from @FusionCash. You can too: http://bit.ly/g3uri3 $5 signup bonus!
I will receive my funds on or around March 20th.
It’s not ALOT, but something of that amount will pay a basic phone bill, go towards a power bill, or pay for your ISP, etc…
I usually cash out every other month at [...]

Dec '10

Clickworker Does Pay

I was dreaming about my Clickworker payment and woke up and it was in my email…
While it’s not enough to pay rent, it can pay a power bill, phone bill, internet bill and smaller bills like that.

I’m also expecting a Fusion Cash payment on the 20th.
With Fusion Cash, it’s alot of signing up for newsletters, [...]

Nov '10

The number of jobs available on clickworker.com has gone through the roof!!

Those of you who’ve visited our website in the past few weeks might have noticed that the number of available jobs on our platform has noticeably increased. Recently there consistently have been over 200,000 jobs available.
There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that we had been working with a couple of big [...]

Nov '10

clickworker.com – Your crowdsourcing Platform

Here’s a new word….
The word Crowdsourcing with Platform. Never heard of the word Crowdsourcing before.
Here’s more about the data entry stuff I do in my spare time. It’s easy really…
What Does A Clickworker Do?
We are always looking for people from anywhere on the planet who enjoy writing, translating, researching, and data processing.
As a [...]

Nov '10

Clickworker Available Jobs Today

Here’s what showed up in my Clickworker Dashboard…

Since I’ve been doing these the last few times, I have a chance to do 100, but usually, they would let me do about 25 to maybe 30. I’ll keep doing until they stop me. lol

Nov '10

More Clicking

Last night I had started at 61 cents. Then I did some work and posted it. Then today, new jobs popped up which were the LinkedIn things (I like doing those!) and then tonight some jobs popped up wanting me to verify YouTube, Metacafe and Dailymotion videos, such as the right link to [...]