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Oct '10

Broken Heart Kitteh

Awwwwww…. poor kitteh.
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Oct '10

Poor Guy. :(

Wow, the things I’m reading online that people are posting. Poor guy…
Seems like everybody has a sad these days.
My Last Days on Earth
I feel it coming…that inability to find anything worth living for anymore. I had found perspective, she was beautiful beyond words, and she was all mine, she wanted to [...]

Oct '10

I Turned 53 In July…

Not 54, btw. Don’t wanna be older yet. lol
Geez, I’m already wanting to make love to the lasers that will be used on my face and skin, as it is. lol
Either I’m good enough or not. Simple as. All I ever really wanted for now was the time of day. [...]

Oct '10

Bad Dream

Okay, this is weird…
Ricardo was in the dream, and that part of it was okay and we were hanging out having fun and another time, him and one of his friends were both there. So I was having loads of fun with Ricardo just hanging out with him.
Then it got weird, cause then I [...]

Sep '10

A True Angel MY Robert

A true angel over my life. I couldn’t ask for anyone better because there isn’t anyone better. Ever. He’s in the top echelon of noble men, and there are no others out there with the kind of honor this one has. NO ONE, I’m telling you.
And I’m very grateful that he’s my husband. [...]

Sep '10

Lyrics to Unforgivable (feat. Jaren) From The Mended Hearts, Forgotten Souls Mix

Lyrics to Unforgivable (feat. Jaren)
Lyrics To Mended Hearts-Forgotten Souls Mix.

You use to light up the dark
With your unrelenting spark
It always put a fire in me
You use to say I’m the one
The only ray of sun you could touch without the fear of burning
Well you use to try to please me
Yeah you use to try to [...]

Sep '10

Dash Berlin – Man On The Run Lyrics From The Mended Hearts, Forgotten Souls Mix

Dash Berlin – Man On The Run Lyrics
Lyrics To Mended Hearts-Forgotten Souls Mix.

You stole a kiss and stole my heart
made me a fool right from the start
It wouldn’t have been so bad except
this little plan, it fell apart
If I were you
I’d dare not speak
I’d run like hell
In hopes of seein’ tomorrow
It’s such a travesty
the way [...]

Sep '10


Maridith, Ben, Keli & Ramona
Two sisters, a nephew & a niece here.

Aug '10

Heart Clouds, Prayer and Stuff…

These were yesterday…
First one was this one…

Then as the lower cloud matter merged with it, it was still heart shaped, but now a little fatter and thicker…

This one is Diana’s heart. This heart cloud is a VERY Special one. With Diana right beside me, I said I’m going to ask Father to send one [...]

Jul '10

Love You

Love message in the sky, was it?
These two pics look like they’re saying just THAT (Love you). They were taken right after a sunrise and just minutes apart.
Looked like…
Love ♥ou