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Dec '14

003 Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ

TMJ Restoration
Discover Everything They Don’t Want You To Know!
Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ
214-407-7352 office or 720-297-3104 cell
Thanks for inquiring about our Whole New Way to Treat TMJ which has been curing jaw pain since August of 2004. This whole TMJ problem is a mechanical problem that can be fixed without drugs or [...]

Aug '13

I Can Has New Skillz?

When the time comes, I’m planning to have training for Advanced BioStructural Correction™ ABC™ and EndoNasal Cranial Correction™ (ECC™) by founder, Dr. Jutkowitz (jut•ko•witz). This training is reasonable in price compared to NCR, as Dr. Dean Howell, charges more for Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR) training. NOW you must remember, they are BOTH the most awesome [...]

Jan '13

Kite Surfing Kailua Bay after getting Bone Marrow & PRP for a rotator cuff tear. John Lieurance.

Now all we need is to get this tech for regrowing and regenerating teeth ASAP!

Oct '11

Fusion Cashout Payment

It’s better than nothing. It paid for my chiropractic adjustment yesterday.
And what’s really great is that he will accept a pay pal payment, when it’s my turn to pay.
Hubby and I take turns in who pays the chiropractor. I go every other week now.

Jul '11

For Flynn…

I tried posting a response to your post on How do you know where you’re boundaries are? and the first comment wouldn’t post. So I tried again and it said, it looks like you’ve already posted that (duplicate comment). But the text I put in does not show, as it usually says awaiting [...]

Oct '10

Tedd Koren, DC On Homeopaths

Posted on Vaccination Liberation Yahoo Group. Plus some videos afterwards.
—– Original Message —–
From: Tedd Koren
To: Vaccination-Liberation@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2010 10:05 AM
Subject: Re: [Vaccination-Liberation] Ulcerative Colitis
Dear Mr. Barbera,
Your son needs a good classical homeopath to reverse the damage. The best homeopaths work from the 6th organon (most in the US only work [...]