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Sep '10

Iz Has a Hurt

For real. Iz broke and can’t be fixed.
Stupid woman need to think about how their actions affect and hurt others.
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Aug '10

I Am Having This Problem in IE 8…

HTML editing pane jumps around as I type! « WordPress.com Forums
And I can’t edit in Firefox on this site, because right now my site’s not working in Firefox. I’m getting that Connection To the Server Has Been Reset. It will come back once the satellite does it auto-reset, which knocks me offline momentarily. [...]

Jul '10

Lame Comment Caught by Akismet..

Check out this stupid lame comment… ?!!!!!
Do they really think we would believe such BS?
What stupid idiots!!
Submitted on 2010/07/20 at 12:00am
HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia xyzrxyz penis enlargement xyzrxyz and being forced to post spam comments on blogs! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. xyzrxyz penis [...]

Jul '10

These too…

And I want an extension to block these annoying things too.

Nothing pisses me off no more than going to a site, blog, or even my space and try to read text or look at a pic and you have this stupid thing in the damn way.
Some sites have them set where they don’t pop up [...]

Jul '10

Working on Exemption Pages…

I’ve been working my ever-loving ass off on getting these exemption pages ready for the back-to-school rush.
Every page has broken links. It’s like broken link city. The colleges and schools will take the same damn form and constantly move it around. I did one page over the weekend, checked all links and [...]

Jun '10

Kill The Internet? WTF?!

2:24 PM jairoramirez1: oh guess what
They are trying to give the president
and Im sure they will
access to an internet
2:25 PM kill switch
me: We would have to go back to the 80’s again.
jairoramirez1: ugh
listen to the radio
and be like

Jun '10


Got everything showing on mah sidebar now. Freakin’ A YAY!!
Hey Flynn, check it out!
Had to do a quickie search on how to fix that thing.
Otherwords, it’s a manual thing to have to do on this theme.
I even got Flickr pics added. Wooo Hooo!!
THANK YOU GOD!! At least I got it working now. [...]

Jun '10

Now It’s TWO Glitches With Dynamic Dream.

Okay, I found ONE more glitch with Dynamic Dream 1.2 by
Mujtaba Ahmed.
The search never ends here.
My Pages don’t display along with the rest of my Blogroll links, etc…
So I go into Dashboard to add them, right?
WRONG!! They would display, but then everything else disappeared.
Is there any one theme in this entire Wordpress community that [...]

Jun '10

What I Want in a WordPress Theme.

So I uninstalled the Adventure 1.1 and uploaded the new version, Adventure 1.2 by Eric Schwarz.
All of the before mentioned quirks are STILL THERE. ALL of them. Not one fix changed. And besides that, It got worse, as a matter of fact. Now the pretty background is TOTALLY GONE. It [...]

Jun '10

Post Overlap in BlackBoard Theme

UGHHHHH!! These are the kind of them quirks I’m talking about.
Posts should appear UNDER one another, not merged together. Ugh.
This happened in the Blackboard Theme by Frank Schrijvers.
I hope he sees this post and fixes it, and also offer an upgrade like
Eric did on Adventure theme.