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Dec '10

Clickworker Does Pay

I was dreaming about my Clickworker payment and woke up and it was in my email…
While it’s not enough to pay rent, it can pay a power bill, phone bill, internet bill and smaller bills like that.

I’m also expecting a Fusion Cash payment on the 20th.
With Fusion Cash, it’s alot of signing up for newsletters, [...]

Nov '10

The number of jobs available on clickworker.com has gone through the roof!!

Those of you who’ve visited our website in the past few weeks might have noticed that the number of available jobs on our platform has noticeably increased. Recently there consistently have been over 200,000 jobs available.
There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that we had been working with a couple of big [...]

Nov '10

Online Odd Jobs

I’m signed up for a couple of online, “paid to click” type jobs.
One is Clickworker.com and the other is Fusion Cash.
The different things to do in them varies. In Fusion Cash, you can do daily tasks like clicking on different things, watch a video in its entirety, view ads for at least 60 seconds, [...]

Oct '10

English Test

I took an online English test earlier to help me qualify for more online writing assignments, which I will be paid for. The site is Clickworker.com and the assignments are varied. I’ve posted ONE ad, and answered two questions on which social networking sites I use. I got paid 1 cent for the networking site [...]