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Feb '12

The Daily Messenger: Mirror sites

The Daily Messenger: Mirror sites: I am in the process of creating mirror sites of this and the other blogs for safety reasons. Usually, they let me go along for awhile, then …

In the past, I didn’t bother with mirror sites and and all those years from 1995 on were lost. (and please don’t send [...]

Feb '12

The Daily Messenger: Reddit

The Daily Messenger: Reddit: If you have a reddit account, we’d be very grateful if you all would reddit this site . Thank you.
Okay. Done on the Juicing and Raw Foods site.
So here are the social thingies…
Waiting for them to let me post another reddit for the Daily Messenger and Surfing Sunboy site. [...]

Jan '12

Knowledge is Power (US and EU sign ACTA, global internet censorship treaty

Great 6 min video overview of ACTA. I now see hard core evidence the rapid censorship of the internet will ensue worldwide.
Blessings, D
Months before websites all over the internet voluntarily went dark in protest of SOPA, the internet censorship bill which was being considered by congress, Obama signed onto the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.
He did [...]

Jan '12

The Daily Messenger: IF the internet censorship bill passes, this blog …

The Daily Messenger: IF the internet censorship bill passes, this blog …: Because by definition of the terms of the bill, my exposing of government corruption and the Beast system would have this blog censored and blocked.
The same goes for my blogs and site too.
No more info on vaccines. No more alternative health info. [...]

Jan '12

Comments On Here

Recently, I found out a real neat thing regarding comments on this blog. I CAN embed PICTURES AND VIDEOS in my comments section here.
Sort of like when we comment on Flickr.
I don’t know if it’s because of the theme, the fact that it’s on MY OWN WEBSITE or what, but I sure like it.
I [...]

Sep '11

Important Notice to All Who Are Linking to My Music Mixes Page

The wordpress.com one was taken down and I’m not going to try to recreate it elsewhere. I’m SOOOOOOO over it and PAST using everyone else’s sites.
Squidoo.com did that crap too, which is why I got this blog installed on my own paid site in the first place.
I have all that I need right here [...]

Jul '11

For Flynn…

I tried posting a response to your post on How do you know where you’re boundaries are? and the first comment wouldn’t post. So I tried again and it said, it looks like you’ve already posted that (duplicate comment). But the text I put in does not show, as it usually says awaiting [...]

May '11

LOL! Sneaky Little Fox…

While I was replying to a reader’s comment about Firefox, this was the image that came up in my random images thingy. The Firefocks Has Crashed Tee Shirt from LOLMart.com
Funny synchronicity…. LOL!

NOTHING is an accident anymore.
This is a close up of the graphic pic that randomly came up…

BTW, it’s not a virus, thank God. [...]

May '11


Most of the time, I would say about 95% I can’t get on digitalangeldonnadj.com because of this nightmare with Firefox Browser which is slowly dying (or maybe it’s my sucky computer).
So that’s why I don’t post as much as I used to.
Plus more online work which is always good.
And FORGET blogging in IE. The [...]

Oct '10

Yay!! I Figured Out The Problem.

Thank God, it’s not the theme, and it’s not the WordPress software.
I’m still keeping this new theme though, because I actually like it better than the Dynamic Dream.
It’s actually an earlier post of a vaccine newsletter that has some html stuff in it that was overriding the whole front page’s font, link color display.
[PROVE] Sixteen [...]