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Apr '17

How vaccines are REALLY made


“Everyday millions of children are lined up and injected with toxic putrid substances grown on animal organs, cancer cells, aborted fetuses and other toxic substances. Few people are questioning how those viruses were obtained and how they were grown in a laboratory. If one would ask these sensible questions, one would become very enlightened about vaccine production. I warn you now, discussing vaccine-production will turn your stomach. Vaccines are made from the most vilest and filthiest substances on the earth. Since the definition of abomination is “anything that is filthy”, the term describes vaccinations adequately and truthfully. The vaccine “cauldron” is full of putrid junk from bodies exposed to disease and excreting morbid purulence. Science gathers this junk up in hopes of making vaccines for “preventing” disease; and we are being fooled while vaccinations cause increases in diseases.”

Filth & abominations…
[PDF] Appendix B-Pink Book – Vaccines – CDC
Appendix B
Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary
Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine

Aborted Human DNA & Fetal Calf Blood are ingredients in children’s vaccines…in addition to aluminum, formaldehyde, Thimerosal, MSG, 2-Phenoxyethanol, proteins produced from animals, chickens, calves, monkey’s, etc.

Terms to Investigate:
PERC6, MRC5, WI-38, HEK-293
Which Vaccines: Adenovirus vaccine, DTaP vaccine, Hep A vaccine, Hep B vaccine, MMR vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine

Terms to Investigate:
Fetal Bovine Serum
Which Vaccines: Adenovirus vaccine, MMR vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine

Terms to Investigate:
Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, SV40, Bernice Eddy
Which Vaccines: DTaP vaccine, Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, Polio vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine

Telling it like it is, because why sugar coat it?

Find our more here by watching this docu-series called “The Truth About Vaccines” TTAV.
It’s free. Series begins April 12th.:
* Note: Please keep in mind that this series, while very educational, is neutral regarding being pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine.

Biblical Sorcery and Modern Drugs

*this includes vaccines as well.

In a day when we have realized huge numbers of deaths caused by adverse drug effects (ADEs) from prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, it is interesting to note the biblical reference to sorcery:

“But the cowardly, unbelieveing, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolators, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Revelation 21:8 (New King James)

In this passage, the word ’sorcerers’ comes from the Greek word ‘pharmakos’ (Strongs # 5332) which is derived from the Greek word ‘pharmakon’ and is defined in Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the New Testament as follows:

a druggist (“pharmacist”) or poisoner

Bible on End Time Pharmaceuticals “…for by your medication were all the nations deceived.”

An interesting passage in the bible refers to the methodology used to deceive the nations in the end times:

“…For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.”

Revelation 18:23

The word ’sorcery’ (Strongs # 5331) in this passage is the Greek word ‘pharmakeia’ (far-mak-i’-ah). It is defined in Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the New Testament as follows:

medication (“pharmacy”)

Saying HELL NO To Vaccines! Refusing and Opting Out:

And we can avoid this by exercising our right to say HELL NO with either a legal exemption or a legal notice called The Vaccination Notice. http://www.vaclib.org/exemption.htm

A legal Notice should be used in most cases but especially when an exemption to vaccine requirements is difficult to obtain. Before you utilize a Vaccination Notice, it is important read as much information on this lawful strategy as possible.

School Vaccination Requirements, Exemptions and Forms – Who are they written for?

The Vaccination Notice – for patients, employees and students

Templates for Vaccination Notices, all kinds

Warning About Physician’s “Refusal to Vaccinate” Form

What to do if you have signed the “Refusal to Vaccinate” Form

Affiliates are welcome to join The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV).

TTAV Affiliate Description Page: http://partners.thetruthaboutvaccines.vip/?a_aid=550a00bc0bfa1&a_bid=5e67b230
TTAV Signup Form: https://affiliates.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/affiliates/signup.php?a_aid=550a00bc0bfa1



Please remember that the Sweet Freedom Summit also begins the same day on MONDAY, April 12th. We’ll be watching the Sweet Freedom Summit in the morning, and TTAV will come online Monday evening around 9 PM. TWO Online events the same day!! Can you handle it?!

While vaccines are a hot topic right now, this summit is just as important.

Register to watch the Sweet Freedom Summit: http://healthaffiliate.center/13197-9.html
Affiliate: http://healthaffiliate.center/13197.html

Regarding Stress, there is also the UPCOMING Global Stress Summit. The Global Stress Summit is online and FREE from April 24 – May 1, 2017.

Register to watch the Global Stress Summit: http://healthaffiliate.center/13197-7.html
Affiliate: http://healthaffiliate.center/13197.html


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Mar '17

The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV Referral Contest – March 1, 2017)

Heard hubby’s name called out with one entry.  :)


To ALL our Vaxtivists and Friends,

We want to personally thank each of you for all you’ve done, and continue to do, to educate your friends and family about the problems caused by vaccines. Your efforts have helped forward the Cause and have saved thousands, if not millions, of precious lives.

This is an important message and it needs to be spread in a bigger way to save the lives of children, teens and adults everywhere.

A new docu-series is being launched – This Year’s Biggest & Most Important Event You Won’t Want to Miss…

It is a free 7 part series featuring Del BigTree and Dr. Andy Wakefield (of VAXXED), Sayer Ji (of GreenMedInfo), Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and many more top vaccine awareness activists.

The same team that produced the epic The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, an educational series that reached more than 20 million people worldwide, has produced TTAV. This will be the best educational tool on the Topic of our Time…AND you will be able to earn a substantial revenue stream for your efforts. TTAC paid out more than $10M in commissions over the last three years to affiliates around the world. They typically give away $50,000 dollars in affiliate prizes during their launches.

TTAV will be discussing all sides of the topic; the idea is to let the viewers to decide. Taking an investigative approach, TTAV team will facilitate the conversation and debate during the release.

We are inviting you to partner with us.  Let’s get this incredible information to your family, fans and friends through your email list, your website and your blog.

Will you join us and help share information about this important cause?

The launch dates are:

PROMO STARTS: Thursday, March 30
EVENT STARTS: Wednesday, April 12

Ty Bollinger and his team have made it their mission to get educated answers and discover real solutions about the controversial topic of vaccines that brings so much fear to parents.

To partner with us, click on this link (or paste this link into your browser):
—>>>Register as an affiliate for The Truth About Vaccines!


Because like VaccinesRevealed, we’re going to need all the help we can get to spread the word with this series as well.  We would appreciate the help.

2017 Event Details

The folks from The Truth About Cancer (TTAC) are extremely excited to introduce you to the latest innovative and investigative 7 part docu-series, “The Truth About Vaccines” (TTAV).

Jamie Martorano ( affiliates@thetruthaboutcancer.com ) is the incredible affiliate manager for The Truth About Cancer (TTAC). We’re grateful she will be managing the affiliate program for the upcoming launch of TTAV.

Why this topic?

I’m sure you’ve seen the heart-wrenching and polarizing debates surrounding vaccines. Did you know…that in the U.S. there is one birth every eight seconds? That’s hundreds of millions of new lives that parents will be forced to make the decision – whether to vaccinate their child or not. It’s been a hot-button issue and has been a debated topic for more than 80 years now.

So, the folks from The Truth About Cancer (TTAC) have made it their mission to get educated, get answers and discover real solutions on this controversial topic that brings so much fear to parents. They will address dozens of frequently asked questions about vaccines including:

* Do vaccines confer immunity?
* Are there natural options to vaccination?
* What questions should you ask before you vaccinate?
* Were vaccines responsible for the declines in polio, pertussis, smallpox, etc?
* What about the flu shot and the HPV vaccine?
* Why do outbreaks occur in mostly vaccinated populations?
* Why are some states considering implementing forced vaccine legislation?
* What ingredients are contained in the most common vaccines?
* What are possible adverse vaccine reactions?
* Are vaccines linked to cancer?
* Can vaccines cause permanent damage?
* What are all of your options?

This journey took them in many directions. They explored and found plenty to share with you…that’s why they & we wanted to bring you the ground-breaking discoveries, shatter the myths, and show you the un-biased reality in The Truth About Vaccines docu-series.

Please know that folks at The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV) are staying neutral on this topic. They have stated that they aren’t anti or pro vaccine. They’re pro sharing the truth and will share all sides of the topic and allow the viewers to decide.

Why Promote?

All of their promotions are filled with a mission and a powerful message, so the topic of Vaccines is no exception. In fact, the stakes are higher since there are children’s lives on the line.

With all that said, there is a significant financial opportunity as an affiliate. Since they (The Truth About Cancer TTAC) started in May, 2014, they’ve launched 6 super successful docu-series launches…reaching over 20 million visitors with over 2 million+ people opting in to watch the episodes.

TTAC have had an overage opt-in rate of over 50% across the board and our affiliates have consistently earned an average of over $2+ per click.

Their affiliate partners have been paid more than $10 million dollars for sharing the events with their audiences through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As an affiliate, you get to…

* Provide your followers with free, super high quality content. You’ll never send a sales email to them for our promotion.
* Make it simple and easy for you. They will send you extensive email and social media swipes that you can easily copy and paste or make slight tweaks to.
* Confidence in their conversions since they’ve perfected this model over 3 years with more than $10 million dollars paid to their affiliates using this exact launch model.
* Receive 100% of your commissions within 40 days from when the promotion ends.
* Earn up to $60,000 dollars in cash affiliate contest prizes
* Receive lifetime commissions for every sale from the clickers as well as the leads you send them
* Help save babies’ lives! Daily they receive personal letters/emails from people saying “I (or a loved one) am alive today because of your event.”

Register as an affiliate Today!
Affiliate Description Page:  http://partners.thetruthaboutvaccines.vip/?a_aid=550a00bc0bfa1&a_bid=5e67b230

If you’re not interested in participating with this incredible affiliate opportunity, please share this and our affiliate link to others whom you think would like to educate the world on The Truth About Vaccines.

P.S. If you’re already with The Truth About Cancer (TTAC), then you are automatically grandfathered in.


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Jan '17

Vaccines Revealed Starts TOMORROW!!

Vaccines Revealed Starts TOMORROW!

Plus your last sneak peek video:

We’re getting excited. Can you hear the drum roll?

Vaccines Revealed Starts TOMORROW!!

LAST SNEEK PEAK: What will our next generation of children be like if we continue the rising trend of giving kids more and more vaccinations: Docu-series starts tomorrow Jan 10th .

Sign up to watch free: https://at119.isrefer.com/go/eg/MessiahMews/
Help us spread the word by becomming an affiliate: https://at119.isrefer.com/go/egaff/MessiahMews/

First of all, Vaccines Revealed has just wrapped up last minute filming with special guest interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As many of you know he is involved with the documentary film “Trace Amounts”.

Vaccines Revealed will be releasing a FREE viewing of Trace Amounts added to one of their episode days. This is huge!

Vaxxed, the documentary film, has is contributing a 20 minute version of their film that will be exclusively shown during the Vaccines Revealed Launch.

And, that’s not all:

Vaccines Revealed is pleased to announce that the World Premier of “Vaccine Syndrome” will be shown exclusively during the 9 day series. This movie will change how you look at how we treat our military. If you know anyone who has served our country, you MUST share this program with them. They absolutely have to see this world release film.

This is Brought to you FREE during the Vaccines Revealed docu-series from January 10th – 18th.

There are different episodes every day, and you won’t want to miss a single one.

Thank you for supporting us in this important cause.

Here’s your 4th and final sneak peek video!

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Dec '16

Vaccines Revealed: Help Us Expose the Alarming Truth



You need to know about something important coming up on January 10th.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo has been digging into the hidden truth behind vaccines.

As a health care provider, he found that the whole story wasn’t being told… and it needs to be told. When making critical decisions about your health and your children’s health, you need to be armed with the facts.

“Vaccines Revealed” is broadcasting their exclusive docu-series event for 9 days only. From Tuesday, January 10th-18th. And you can watch the whole thing for FREE here.

This is powerful – – If you want the latest, real information you will not want to miss this.

It’s time to expose the truth and take back our health care system.

With an award-winning film crew, we flew all over the world and got exclusive access to whistleblowers, former drug reps and university scientists.

As you probably know already…

The drug and vaccine industry is a multi-BILLION dollar enterprise… focused more on profits than human lives.

I was not ready to see things like…

  • Drug and vaccine companies blatantly falsifying documents…
  • Whistleblowers getting completely BURIED…
  • Our Government looking the other way…
  • Bribery…

And that’s not even to mention the tragic human cost of families ruined by vaccine injuries, endless medical bills… ruined marriages… and a rapid rise in chronic disease (especially in children).

It took months and months of care, attention and energy to edit each part of this stunning series. And now it’s finally ready for the world to see.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health.

“Vaccines Revealed” tells the hidden story behind the vaccine industry.

And you can watch it FREE from January 10th-18th.

Register for this exclusive, world-wide event now by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks so much for joining us!


Affiliate Opportunity!

Because we need all the help we can get to help save lives.

Affiliate Registration:

Are you promoting to other potential affiliates?

Join us as an affiliate for the Vaccines Revealed 9-PART DOCU-SERIES!

EARN 50% LIFETIME COMMISSION (Digital Products/Downloads)


PLUS, earn an additional 10% commission on all 2nd tier sub-affiliate sales!

As an affiliate for every sale made on this unique program.

Become an affiliate right now!

Educate your community — the most important bonus!

Images, sample copy and videos provided

50% commission on each sale generated (you can purchase a summit from your own link, provided you didn’t register to watch online from another affiliate, which is why we encourage affiliate registrations.)

No cost to register!

Parents hunger for this information. Experts risk their careers giving it.

We are delivering the highest quality production and information with the world’s leading experts and voices on dangers of vaccines.

Recent revelations that affect our lives and the lives of our children make this a must watch event.

Know someone who would make a fantastic affiliate? Use this link to send them directly to the affiliate registration form and if you would like to help others and PLEASE spread the word…

Your link to affiliate registration:  https://at119.isrefer.com/go/vraff/MessiahMews/

Thank you!


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Oct '16

Ultimate LIVE Symposium Begins Today…

The event begins TODAY.

More than 40 experts make history during a 3-day symposium you cannot miss! The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate LIVE Symposium.

Watch it LIVE. Watch it FREE. http://go.thetruthaboutcancer.rocks/uls/?gl=582843138&a_aid=550a00bc0bfa1&a_bid=903b5664

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Oct '16

The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium!

An investment in your health is the greatest thing you can ever do in your lifetime. Health is more valuable than houses, cars, jewelry, or fabulous vacations. None of those things mean anything if you’re sick.

The Most Exclusive Event in the History of Natural Health

Here at The Truth About Cancer, we work hard to bring you the most cutting-edge science as well as emerging natural health treatments that mainstream media simply doesn’t report.

No matter how safe and effective these modalities are, no matter the number of lives saved, it doesn’t change the “official” view. The media, medical establishment, and pharmaceutical giants refuse to engage in legitimate conversation and even actively campaign to prevent the knowledge or investigation of these valid therapies.

They won’t do anything that upsets their status quo…their bottom line.

Holistic health practitioners and doctors who have embraced natural techniques to save their patients are openly mocked. Some have had their reputations destroyed and their careers targeted but we all keep going.

Because it’s a matter of life and death.

For the last two years, The Truth About Cancer has brought you in contact with brilliant men and women at the top of their fields. They’ve featured on our videos, given us interviews, and written exclusive articles for our readers.

Now we’re taking it one step further. It’s time to do something powerful, something amazing in our fight to prevent, fight, and beat cancer. It’s critical that you join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event that will give you access to people who are blazing the path to stopping cancer forever!

The Ultimate Live Symposium to Fight Cancer!

October 14th through 16th, you have the opportunity to be part of something that can absolutely change your life. We’re bringing together more than 40 speakers who are going to give more than 60 presentations about what you can do to keep this devastating disease from destroying your life or the life of someone you love.

You simply cannot afford to miss it.

I’m talking about The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium where we’re bringing together luminaries in natural health who have agreed to share their research, insight, and incredible belief in the effective (but silenced) methods to stop the deaths caused by cancer.

Enjoy three days of LIVE talks by more than 40 of the most influential and respected names in the natural health field. Right now, we’ve sold out of tickets to join in person but you can still be with us as we live-stream this unbelievable collection of men and women dedicated to the prevention and eradication of cancer in the human body.

The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate LIVE Symposium is your chance to take part in something that’s never been done before and witness history being made!

These speakers are superstars in the natural health industry. Never before have so many come together to educate the public about the real ways you can stop cancer right now, today.

Sign up right now to be part of history.

It’s the next step in our quest to stop cancer from taking your life or the life of someone you love. You need to be part of this spectacular event. For your present and your future, to prevent cancer from ravaging your body or claiming your life, you need to join us.

Don’t wait. The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium is going to change the lives of millions and you should be one of them!


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Oct '16

Add these thyroid experts to your medicine cabinet!

The Thyroid Connection Summit starts on October 24th, and tens of thousands will get much-needed, expert assistance to help diagnose and overcome thyroid dysfunction to reclaim their health and vitality!

Will you be there?

The Thyroid Connection Summit will help you:

    * Work with your doctor to get the right diagnosis/treatment
    * Address the root causes of thyroid dysfunction
    * Implement healthy dietary and lifestyle changes
    * Reclaim your health and vitality
    * And more!

Register immediately to make sure you’ll see the free talks

Purchase all of the expert talks (price GOES UP when the event STARTS on MONDAY).

Once you own the expert talks, you can listen to the audios on your computer or mobile device, read the complete transcripts and share this important information with family and friends.

If you learn even one fact from one expert that changes your life, it will be worth it!

The online access package for all of the expert talks is $59 now through Monday morning at 10 A.M. U.S. eastern.

After that, it increases to $79.

Owning the talks also gives you access to eCourses, guides, eBooks and other advice from the expert speakers, at no additional charge!

Click here to learn more about owning this expert advice

Enjoy the summit!

P. S. Know someone who would make a fantastic affiliate? Use this link to send them directly to the affiliate registration form and if you would like to help others and spread the word…
Your link to affiliate registration

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Oct '16

TTAC’s Ultimate Live Symposium

Join over 40 of the world’s top health experts as they reveal the most powerful but little-known health secrets that could save your life, in what’s being called the decade’s most important health event…


A gathering of over 40 of the world’s most influential and brilliant minds in natural health will be presenting at this important, impactful 3-day live streaming event, The Truth About Cancer Ultimate LIVE Symposium on October 14th, 15th and 16th.

Health geniuses like:

They will also be giving you some of the most cutting edge information available on your overall health, our broken healthcare system, how to protect yourself against our toxic environment, and much, much more.

Join over 40 of the world’s top health luminaries for a once in a lifetime three day Ultimate LIVE Symposium presented by The Truth About Cancer. Simply enter your first name and best email address below to receive instant exclusive access. Watch it free and online – starting on October 14th.


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Jul '16

The most misunderstood, cruelest and costly of all diseases…

Are you concerned about brain health? Or, of one day not recognizing your closest friend? If so, or if you care about friends and family members dealing with poor brain function, don’t miss The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit. Brain disorders, including memory loss, are fast becoming the single biggest health problem in the world.

This event represents a unique opportunity to discover how to prevent, slow down and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Join us to find out what you can, and should, do before memory loss is irreversible–because taking action now is the key to protecting your brain health and overall wellbeing!

Register for FREE now

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace

Did you know?

Every 3 seconds someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia
Dementia starts in the brain 30 to 50 years before symptoms appear
Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death
The average burden on families dealing with late-stage dementia is $300,000
46+ million people are losing their minds (this will double every 20 years)
The “silent epidemic” of early-onset dementia is on the rise
The 2016 Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit is online and free from July 25 – August 1, 2016!

Register for FREE  today

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace

Enjoy the summit!


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Jul '16

Friday Cuss And Discuss 15 July 2016

Anyone that cares about the welfare of others deserves to be supported as far as I’m concerned. So these are William’s links.

Published on 15 Jul 2016
Stock Up On Survival Food Today! -

Great Tea To Rid Your Body of Toxins!

Earn Extra Income From Weather Patterns With This Secret System!

And these might be a good investment, after all.  He didn’t put the link to them up, but am glad he finally mentioned the brand and where to get it.

Kimber Pepper Blaster – Red on Amazon by Pepper Blaster II

Inside Pants IWB Holster for KIMBER Pepper Blaster 2

He mentions the Kelly Kettle in some of his videos, but never put the link up, but we did put him down as the referrer, when we signed up for the, so we can be put under him so we can support him that way too.   Kelly Kettle USA

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