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Oct '16

Ultimate LIVE Symposium Begins Today…

The event begins TODAY.

More than 40 experts make history during a 3-day symposium you cannot miss! The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate LIVE Symposium.

Watch it LIVE. Watch it FREE. http://go.thetruthaboutcancer.rocks/uls/?gl=582843138&a_aid=550a00bc0bfa1&a_bid=903b5664

Oct '16

The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium!

An investment in your health is the greatest thing you can ever do in your lifetime. Health is more valuable than houses, cars, jewelry, or fabulous vacations. None of those things mean anything if you’re sick.

The Most Exclusive Event in the History of Natural Health

Here at The Truth About Cancer, we work hard to bring you the most cutting-edge science as well as emerging natural health treatments that mainstream media simply doesn’t report.

No matter how safe and effective these modalities are, no matter the number of lives saved, it doesn’t change the “official” view. The media, medical establishment, and pharmaceutical giants refuse to engage in legitimate conversation and even actively campaign to prevent the knowledge or investigation of these valid therapies.

They won’t do anything that upsets their status quo…their bottom line.

Holistic health practitioners and doctors who have embraced natural techniques to save their patients are openly mocked. Some have had their reputations destroyed and their careers targeted but we all keep going.

Because it’s a matter of life and death.

For the last two years, The Truth About Cancer has brought you in contact with brilliant men and women at the top of their fields. They’ve featured on our videos, given us interviews, and written exclusive articles for our readers.

Now we’re taking it one step further. It’s time to do something powerful, something amazing in our fight to prevent, fight, and beat cancer. It’s critical that you join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event that will give you access to people who are blazing the path to stopping cancer forever!

The Ultimate Live Symposium to Fight Cancer!

October 14th through 16th, you have the opportunity to be part of something that can absolutely change your life. We’re bringing together more than 40 speakers who are going to give more than 60 presentations about what you can do to keep this devastating disease from destroying your life or the life of someone you love.

You simply cannot afford to miss it.

I’m talking about The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium where we’re bringing together luminaries in natural health who have agreed to share their research, insight, and incredible belief in the effective (but silenced) methods to stop the deaths caused by cancer.

Enjoy three days of LIVE talks by more than 40 of the most influential and respected names in the natural health field. Right now, we’ve sold out of tickets to join in person but you can still be with us as we live-stream this unbelievable collection of men and women dedicated to the prevention and eradication of cancer in the human body.

The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate LIVE Symposium is your chance to take part in something that’s never been done before and witness history being made!

These speakers are superstars in the natural health industry. Never before have so many come together to educate the public about the real ways you can stop cancer right now, today.

Sign up right now to be part of history.

It’s the next step in our quest to stop cancer from taking your life or the life of someone you love. You need to be part of this spectacular event. For your present and your future, to prevent cancer from ravaging your body or claiming your life, you need to join us.

Don’t wait. The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium is going to change the lives of millions and you should be one of them!


Oct '16

Add these thyroid expert to your medicine cabinet!

The Thyroid Connection Summit starts on October 24th, and tens of thousands will get much-needed, expert assistance to help diagnose and overcome thyroid dysfunction to reclaim their health and vitality!

Will you be there?

The Thyroid Connection Summit will help you:

    * Work with your doctor to get the right diagnosis/treatment
    * Address the root causes of thyroid dysfunction
    * Implement healthy dietary and lifestyle changes
    * Reclaim your health and vitality
    * And more!

Register immediately to make sure you’ll see the free talks

Purchase all of the expert talks (price GOES UP when the event STARTS on MONDAY).

Once you own the expert talks, you can listen to the audios on your computer or mobile device, read the complete transcripts and share this important information with family and friends.

If you learn even one fact from one expert that changes your life, it will be worth it!

The online access package for all of the expert talks is $59 now through Monday morning at 10 A.M. U.S. eastern.

After that, it increases to $79.

Owning the talks also gives you access to eCourses, guides, eBooks and other advice from the expert speakers, at no additional charge!

Click here to learn more about owning this expert advice

Enjoy the summit!

P. S. Know someone who would make a fantastic affiliate? Use this link to send them directly to the affiliate registration form and if you would like to help others and spread the word…
Your link to affiliate registration

Oct '16

TTAC’s Ultimate Live Symposium

Join over 40 of the world’s top health experts as they reveal the most powerful but little-known health secrets that could save your life, in what’s being called the decade’s most important health event…


A gathering of over 40 of the world’s most influential and brilliant minds in natural health will be presenting at this important, impactful 3-day live streaming event, The Truth About Cancer Ultimate LIVE Symposium on October 14th, 15th and 16th.

Health geniuses like:

They will also be giving you some of the most cutting edge information available on your overall health, our broken healthcare system, how to protect yourself against our toxic environment, and much, much more.

Join over 40 of the world’s top health luminaries for a once in a lifetime three day Ultimate LIVE Symposium presented by The Truth About Cancer. Simply enter your first name and best email address below to receive instant exclusive access. Watch it free and online – starting on October 14th.


Jul '16

The most misunderstood, cruelest and costly of all diseases…

Are you concerned about brain health? Or, of one day not recognizing your closest friend? If so, or if you care about friends and family members dealing with poor brain function, don’t miss The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit. Brain disorders, including memory loss, are fast becoming the single biggest health problem in the world.

This event represents a unique opportunity to discover how to prevent, slow down and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Join us to find out what you can, and should, do before memory loss is irreversible–because taking action now is the key to protecting your brain health and overall wellbeing!

Register for FREE now

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace

Did you know?

Every 3 seconds someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia
Dementia starts in the brain 30 to 50 years before symptoms appear
Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death
The average burden on families dealing with late-stage dementia is $300,000
46+ million people are losing their minds (this will double every 20 years)
The “silent epidemic” of early-onset dementia is on the rise
The 2016 Alzheimer’s & Dementia Summit is online and free from July 25 – August 1, 2016!

Register for FREE  today

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace

Enjoy the summit!


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Jul '16

Friday Cuss And Discuss 15 July 2016

Anyone that cares about the welfare of others deserves to be supported as far as I’m concerned. So these are William’s links.

Published on 15 Jul 2016
Stock Up On Survival Food Today! -

Great Tea To Rid Your Body of Toxins!

Earn Extra Income From Weather Patterns With This Secret System!

And these might be a good investment, after all.  He didn’t put the link to them up, but am glad he finally mentioned the brand and where to get it.

Kimber Pepper Blaster – Red on Amazon by Pepper Blaster II

Inside Pants IWB Holster for KIMBER Pepper Blaster 2

He mentions the Kelly Kettle in some of his videos, but never put the link up, but we did put him down as the referrer, when we signed up for the, so we can be put under him so we can support him that way too.   Kelly Kettle USA

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Jul '16

Be Ready – Incredible Kelly Kettle – It Will Save Your Life

The most reliable and ideal for camping and outdoors. Boils water fast in any emergency and in extreme weather conditions. Uses only natural fuel so no packing fuel canisters in or out. Prepare for the worst, buy the best.



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Jul '16

Armor Concepts EZ Door Armor

We found out about this test months after it had been completed. We have never asked for police endorsements but it seems that we have several. This is another example of others doing the speaking for our products. Please note: The only time they were able to break the door is when THEY DID NOT USE THE DOOR SHIELDS (and the door split). This is what we have been telling customers for years! Every time the full kit was used, it held. Where to get EZ Door Armor…  Click Here To Find Out More!

EZ Armor Police Test and Recommendation from Armor Concepts on Vimeo.

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Jun '16

National Geographic’s Mick Dodge and 15 Experts Share Secrets of Self-Reliance!

With all of the pollution, social and economic collapse, government corruption, excessive technological progression, growing disease, and civic unrest often makes us feel afraid, vulnerable, and hopeless…

…but I want you to know that you don’t have to be afraid and that there are real solutions available right now to help each of us live more sustainably building skills of self-reliance and community interdependence which ultimately will help us to build a brighter future.

And the empowering messages and skillsets for building the new world are available to learn at no charge from world experts such as National Geographic’s Mick Dodge and many others during the 2nd annual Self Reliance Summit.

This empowering online global summit showcases 16 new video interviews with leading experts on self-reliance and sustainable living from June 13th-20th.

You can register free at this link to watch all sessions during the broadcast period: https://su208.isrefer.com/go/selfreliancesummit/MessiahMews

During this series 16 visionaries share practical how-to information discussing real solutions for living more self-reliant, inspired, and prepared for co-creating the new world of sustainable living.

Video Sessions Include:
* Mick Dodge – The Art of Dodging and the Secret of IT
* Laurie Neverman – The Permaculture Revolution

* Maryam Henein – Secret Life of Bees/ CCD Then And Now

* Brad DeRosia – From Rockstar to Bee Keeper, Our Homestead Journey

* Marjory Wildcraft – Interview With The Most Dangerous Woman In America

* Paul Wheaton – Hugelkultur and Permaculture Food Systems

* Gabriel Cousens – Peace With the Ecology

* Shayna Gladstone – Realizing our Oneness with Nature; Aligning with Your Life’s Passion and Purpos
* Sacha Stone – How to Become Politically and Socially Free

* Paul Lenda – Creating a Localized & Regenerative Society
* Jason Matyas – Understanding the Modern Grid System and What to Do About It
* Sam Coffman – Sustainable Medicine and the Human Community

* Justin Rhodes – The 20 hour business to fund your farm

* Mike Adams – BREAKTHROUGH-How to grow your own tax-free food and medicine without using electricity or soil

* Rachel Morrison – Interdependence and Self Reliance; Living in Sustainable Community
* Steven Harris – Self Reliance Preparedness; Everything You Need to Know About Batters and More
All this and more will be shared with you online at no cost during this internationally broadcasted video summit.

Attend at no charge here.

As you can tell, I’m very excited about this and I know you’ll benefit greatly by all the empowering information, funny stories, and practical methods shared during the 2nd Annual Self Reliance Summit.

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Jun '16

Rebuilding Your Teeth (Teeth Stuff)

For Dave C. and anyone else reading this.  As per suggestion, we did mostly Amazon Resources since that was the personal preference.

Most of these are what I like to use for myself.  I healed an upper back left molar with fermented cod liver oil, and mostly monosodium phosphate (MSP).

Gerard Judd Protocol:

Gerard Judd Book (free online) PDF

Hard Copy on Amazon:

Judd Protocol Recipe in a nutshell…

Monosodium Phosphate:

Swanson 100% Pure Monosodium Phosphate 4 oz
Amazon shortlink:  http://amzn.to/1TZ4AKp

Monosodium Phosphate in bulk from eBay. http://ebay.to/1t06cLx
Amazon doesn’t have the bulk bags.

Judd recomments the VL Clark company for the momosodium phosphate…

BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Powder (100g)
Amazon Shortlink:  http://amzn.to/25E0gZP
* This is the brand I bought, except I bought mine on eBay.
* And you can get the regular Arm & Hammer Baking Soda from the local store.
* 1 teaspoon of Vit C. ascorbic acid with a half of a teaspoon of baking soda, for freshly made sodium ascorbate.  And the PDF eBook above will explain the benefits of this and what it does.

Gerard Judd talks about brushing teeth with Bar Soap. There is a company called Tooth Soap that sells tooth soap that is Judd friendly.  Amazon Shortlink: http://amzn.to/1srm21h

I just use Miracle II soap and add a couple of drops of spearmint essential oil.  When a tooth or area acts up, I use the Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living.
I also soak a fresh piece of dental floss in the oil and get it between the teeth. It will burn a tad, but with mild discomfort.
Thieves Essential Oil:  http://amzn.to/1TZ5G94
Spearmint Essential Oil:  http://amzn.to/24lU4Q7
Ingri may have one or both the essential oils on hand, so check with her first. Also, the NOW Brand of Spearmint can be bought locally from Winter Ridge.

Tony Pantalleresco (Canadian Herbalist) Fix Your Teeth (YouTube):

Tony shows you how to regenerate your teeth using only 2 teaspoons of TriSodium Phosphate (TSP), 6 tablespoons of Baking Soda and 16-24oz of distilled water. Mix together and shake.

Use daily, once or multiple times, depending on severity of the condition of your teeth. Use is a similar fashion to mouthwash — rinse your mouth and do not swallow. However, you want to agitate this solution in and around your teeth, so try to force it around your teeth as best as possible for 2-3 min.
He suggested in the comments a clean TSP from unitchemical.com as in PURE-TSP®  TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE.
Direct link:  http://www.unitchemical.com/7f.html

Tony also mentions the Vitamin C mix which is the same as Judd’s suggestion.
Ascorbate mineral mix
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid baking soda (Judd’s mix), Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Citrate or
Potassium Bicarbonate, a little Zinc, some selenium, & Boron.  Boron is in Borax as in Mule Team. A pinch of that borax will work in that solution.
* Magnesium Citrate: http://amzn.to/1TZ9Vl7
* Potassium Citrate: http://amzn.to/1TZ9nLX
* Zinc (as in zinc citrate ):  http://amzn.to/1TZaZ8q
* Zinc (as in zinc oxide);  http://amzn.to/1srom8g
* Zinc (as in zinc  gluconate):  http://amzn.to/1TSrXZm
* Tony never said which form of zinc.
Boron:  A pinch of Mule Team Borax.  Can buy from a local grocery store.  Tony has another video about that on his channel called HerbsPlusBeadWorks.
BulkSupplements Storefront:  http://amzn.to/1TZaJ9E

Tony Pantalleresco’s emails are independz@ yahoo.com or augment_inforce@yahoo.ca for clarification on anything.

I think Gerard Judd and Tony Pantelleresco are the best Chemistry 101 teachers out there.

Oil Pulling and swishing with Virgin Coconut oil. Start out with 5 minutes, work up to 15 minutes. Can put a drop of Thieves essential oil in it too, for extra microbial protection.

Organic Sulfur Crystals, get from Ingri, through VacLib.  A teaspoon in warm water once or twice a day.  If using unfiltered tap water, then boil the water, put in the teaspoon of sulfur and let cool, as the boiling allows any chlorine to evaporate.

Ozone therapy for deep bone and gum infections.  Katerina Baboulas from Healing Together has more info on that.  http://www.healingtogether.org/

As per Patrick McGean from the Sulfur Hour+1, mentions atomic iodine and DMSO.
Atomic Iodine with DMSO mixed in and put on gums to drive it in for infections.
Thyrodine:  http://www.life-enthusiast.com/thyrodine-p-748.html?ref=10238
DMSO (from Tahoma Clinic):  http://www.tahomadispensary.com/istar.asp?a=6&id=3868!253

Weston Price Suggestions:

Green Pastures (Blue Ice) Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Raw Butter Oil (Ghee) combination.
Amazon Store:  http://amzn.to/1TZbYFN
Main Website:  GreenPasture.org

The Dynamic Duo of Vitamin K2 with D3:
So far, have yet to find a clean source of the combination, however, Vitamin D3 Mulsion Forte from Biotics Research is the best, thus far.  http://amzn.to/1TSuRxh
Biotics Research has a Vitamin K, but it is Vitamin K1.  The combo calls for Vitamin K2.
Most of the combos out there are full of cellulose, stearic acids, maltodextrins, silica dixoide, and other nasty UN-needed ingredients.

Biolectric Technologies:

Rife frequency equipment works well on knocking out dental infections.

However, since the chemtrails spraying, GMOs and vaccines, most everyone is full of nanotech aka nannites, thanks to the NWO.  Even zapping with Rife, zappers, etc…. will cause the nannites to proliferate.  It’s like it charges the nanotech up.  Best to eliminate the nannites and nanotech FIRST and then zap with electricity.

Tony Pantalleresco explains why in his Anti-Nano device video.
Watch Anti-Nano Video Here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAOfZ5PddKc
How To Make the AntiNano Device:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVyfRVq_SC0

Freeing the body from NanoTech benefits the teeth as explained in the How To Fix Your Teeth video above.

LIPUS (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultra Sound) will help in bone growth and remodeling - http://lipus.org/

Exogen LIPUS Device:  http://www.exogen.com/
YouTube Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZPJyZbAGP0

Blood can also be purified with Liquid Chlorophyll.  We like the Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Natural Chlorophyll (Liquid), Natural Flavor Amazon- http://amzn.to/1O7htTC , but it, too, can be bought locally.
Amazon has Exogen device:  http://amzn.to/1TZfkIX
Novasonic Ultrasound:  http://amzn.to/1TZf1h7
Exogen 4000+ Ultrasound Bone Stimulator Healing System (eBay): http://ebay.to/1TZh9pj

The only drawback of the Exogen company is that it promotes Planned Obsolescence, because they make their devices to run out after so many uses, forcing customers to buy a whole new unit, instead of doing the right thing and just allowing the battery to be replaced.

Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design and economics is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time.

May have better luck the the Lipus.org website.

I think this is everything mentioned.  If not, will add to this later.

Oil Pulling and Swishing for teeth.

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