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Jan '15

The Vaccinated Spreading Measles: WHO, CDC Documents Confirm

This information is spreading for sure.

Sayer Ji just posted the same article on his website

20 years ago, the MMR vaccine was found to infect virtually all of its recipients with measles. The manufacturer Merck’s own product warning links MMR to a potentially fatal form of brain inflammation caused by measles. Why is this evidence not being reported? See more:

Jan '15

Vaccine McCarthyism

Vaccine McCarthyism. What if the Vaccine Paradigm itself is Deliberately Flawed?
Did 2014 Mark the Collapse of the Vaccine Establishment?

By Dr. Gary Null and Richard Gale
Global Research, January 28, 2015

Within the mainstream medical and scientific community there is an unassailable pseudo-truth that vaccines are safe and effective, whether administered individually or in combination. Within the vaccine injured children and autism movements there is also an unchallenged belief that vaccines are effective but not always safe. In this case, vaccine-injured children or adult family members were simply one of the rare cases where they received a hot lot vaccine or possessed biomolecular abnormalities, such as mitochondria dysfunction, and suffered the consequences.

Even many parents with two children developing neurological complications after vaccination, will continue to follow the recommended vaccine schedule. Any medical physician, scientist, nurse, public health advocate, politician, or journalist who questions the myth of vaccine safety and efficacy are often immediately attacked, ridiculed, and designated a conspirator. In fact, the pro-vaccine propaganda machine sends forth articulate doctors and university scientists to engage in ad hominin personal attacks against vaccine dissenters.

However, what if all of these individuals and their organizations, their shadow lobbying foundations and think tanks, are wrong?

What if the vaccine paradigm itself is flawed?

What if vaccines have never been soundly confirmed to be safe and effective? What if the CDC, vaccine manufacturers, and the leading vaccine advocates knew of these discrepancies and contradictions, yet intentionally ignored them against the public interests and the well being of the American population? After several decades of studying the scientific literature regarding vaccines, following the money trails, and interviewing many dozens of toxicologists, immunologists, research physicians, pediatricians, and medical journalists the vaccine paradigm can now be accurately deconstructed with real independent science. The year, 2014, has been a particularly dismal year for the pro-vaccine movement. We are presenting the science that has unfolded during the past twelve months as indicative of a collapse in the modern vaccine paradigm.

Last year, 2014, may well be the watershed year marking the demise of the vaccine era. Without any recent credible and sound biological science to support their claims for vaccines’ efficacy and safety, the vaccine complex and its federal allies have been forced to rely upon courts of law and the ignorance of an inept mainstream media to further promulgate their flawed mythologies to advance the vaccine agenda.

Rarely does a whistleblower emerge from the federal health agencies. Government and corporate entities that are notoriously hierarchical, such as the CDC, FDA, and Health and Human Services, ruthlessly prevent dissention from their ranks. In the Obama era, when whistleblowers are persecuted more than ever before, it is an act of great courage for a person to come forth and reveal government malfeasance, corruption, and criminal behavior. Therefore, it was a shocking surprise last year when a senior epidemiologist at the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, acted upon his moral conscience and released thousands of pages of CDC documents with research data that unveil the agencies long history of fraudulent studies and medical cover-ups that hid the serious failures and health risks of vaccines.

Dr. Thompson is a distinguished scientist who has worked at the CDC since 1998. Prof. Brian Hooker, a specialist in molecular and cellular systems, and the first person to be contacted by Dr. Thompson, stated the documents are not simply a smoking gun. Rather it is a “wildfire.” Dr. Thompson is currently cooperating with members of a Congressional subcommittee. Thousands of American parents with vaccine damaged children, suffering from permanent neurological impairment and autism, await a trial that will finally bring to justice many of the nation’s top health officials.

Dr. Thompson, who co-authored and published research on vaccine thimerosal mercury—still included in some vaccines, especially the influenza vaccine—has admitted he was part of the CDC’s conspiracy to obscure scientific evidence proving thimerosal and the MMR vaccine as causal factors for autism. During an interview on the Autism Media Channel, he stated that he would never give his pregnant wife a flu shot because of its high concentration of mercury. “I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women,” Dr. Thompson stated. “That’s the last person I would give mercury to.” After reviewing some of the CDC data received by Dr. Thompson, as well as data records acquired through freedom of information submissions, Prof. Hooker discovered that the CDC has known since 2001 that children exposed to thimerosal in utero were 800 percent more likely to regress into autism. This data was intentionally excluded from the CDC paper published in the journal Pediatrics in an effort to disprove a thimerosal-autism association. During a recent radio broadcast, Prof. Hooker unearthed evidence that the CDC has known for a decade that children receiving the MMR vaccines on schedule were nearly 300 percent more likely to regress into autism compared to children whose parents decided to withhold the vaccine until after the child was older.

Americans are rapidly losing confidence in the CDC. Already over two-thirds of Americans believe vaccines cause autism, which the CDC categorically denies. Almost two months after the media reported on the Thompson revelations, a CBS News poll showed public approval of the CDC nosedived to 37%, down from 60% the previous year. Vaccine apologists and the major media claim this large decrease is due to the CDC’s dismal handling of the Ebola crisis; however, Thompson’s whistleblowing received over 750 million Twitter impressions indicating that vaccine efficacy and safety is far more on the public’s mind. Positive endorsement of the CDC would plummet further if the public knew the full extent of CDC officials lying to Congress and their conspiracy to commit medical fraud for over a dozen years. Imagine the tens of thousands of children and families who would have been saved from life-long neurological damage and immeasurable suffering if the CDC was not indebted to protecting the toxic products of the pharmaceutical industry and was serving the health and well-being of American children?

The Thompson whistleblowing case is the tip of the iceberg and now putting the vaccine establishment into a panic. Nevertheless, 2014 was a dreadful year for the vaccine establishment and other medical revelations provide further encouragement for parents to withhold or refuse vaccination.

The Council on Foreign Relations Mistakenly Proves the Largest Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases Are Within the Most Highly Vaccinated Populations.

An early 2014 report released by the Council on Foreign Relations to identify countries with the highest rates of disease outbreaks, accidently revealed that the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases. This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks. The US, Canada, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan—each with the highest number of mandated vaccines—led the list of nations. The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, which analyzed the report, concluded that the Council’s report clearly suggests the theory of “herd immunity” is failing or was flawed to begin with. Given the repeated incidences of infectious outbreaks in populations with 94% or more vaccine compliance, and the emergence of new viral strains, the concept of herd immunity should be forgotten. The Office offers several possibilities to explain the report: 1) vaccines are increasingly becoming ineffective and causing “immune dysfunction,” and 2) “vaccine antigen responses” may be reprogramming viruses while weakening the immune systems of the most vaccinated individuals.

Another World Health Organization Influenza Debacle

Predicting the particular influenza strains to protect populations has never been a fine art. We might remember the doom and gloom scenarios spread by the WHO and CDC over the H1N1 swine flu in 2009. The federal agencies of warning for a viral apocalypse, which never occurred, had as much credibility as Y2K and New Age Mayan predictions at the turn of the millennium. At their best, flu vaccines remain around 60% efficacy according to official health statistics. However, the World Health Organization’s predictions for this year’s flu strains were a bust. The match was such a failure that the CDC was forced to warn the American public that the 2014-2015 flu vaccine was only 23% effective, off by 77%. Given that the 2012-2013 flu season was only 27% effective for the 65 years-plus age group, it can be estimated that this year’s flu shot is near useless for the elderly. Predictive methodologies to determine which flu strains emerge during any given influenza season have more in common with primitive mathematical divination than sound science. For the 1992-1993 and 1997-1998 seasons, the vaccine concoction of flu strains was only 16% effective. Katherine Severyn, who monitors the actual WHO prediction results and compares them with CDC claims has stated that, “depending upon the study cited, [flu] vaccine efficacy actually ranges from a low of 0%.”

Year after year, the US government spends approximately a billion dollars to purchase flu vaccines from the pharmaceutical cartel. Year after year, these vaccines prove to be capable of immunizing only a modest portion of the population. Since the CDC estimates it will have purchased 151-156 million flu shots to dump off this year, there is little else it can do except fudge science, release misleading propaganda and continue to distribute a useless snake oil.

More Bad News for the Influenza Vaccine

An ineffective seasonal vaccine is the least of the flu shots problems. In December 2014, the Department of Justice released its report outlining compensation paid out to vaccine injured victims. Based upon the statistics, the flu vaccine has been shown to be the most dangerous reported. Fifty-nine percent of awarded flu vaccine injuries were for Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Although, a final report of injuries and death from this year’s influenza vaccines won’t be made public until the end of 2015, the 2013-2014 vaccines accounted for over 93,000 adverse reactions, including 8,888 hospitalizations and 1,080 deaths according to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). By the CDC’s own omission, the VAERS database only accounts for approximately 10% of adverse vaccine events. Do the math and the actual number far outweighs reported complications from contracting wild flu viruses.

Although, earlier research has shown that influenza vaccines contribute to adverse inflammatory cardiovascular alternations, which are lethal to senior citizens, and significant inflammation in pregnant women that may be associated with an increase in pre-term births and preeclampsia, new studies published in 2014 should raise further alarm:

A team of Finnish scientists at Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare, recorded 800 cases of narcolepsy associated with Glaxo’s flu vaccine Pandemix. Vaccine ingredients other than the viral antigen or engineered component, are most often believed to be the primary culprits to adverse vaccine reactions. The Finnish research, on the other hand, indicated that the Glaxo vaccine’s altered viral nucleotide likely contributed to the sudden rise in sleeping sickness. Dr. Paul Offit, the premier media celebrity for the vaccine establishment, has repeatedly made claims that infants can safely withstand tens of thousands of viral antigens; therefore, according to Offit, parents should not fear innumerable vaccinations at a single time. This new finding on the contrary, sends a warning to all pregnant women and parents that it is not simply vaccines’ many toxic ingredients that pose worry, but the bioengineered viral components are also potentially life threatening.

For almost a decade, the CDC has known influenza vaccines are ineffective in the elderly but continues to market them without hesitation. Hence in November 2014, five senior citizens at an assisted living facility in Dacula, Georgia, died within week after all residents were vaccinated. During the previous year’s flu vaccine trials, Sanofi Pasteur’s Fluzone killed 23 elderly participants during the vaccine trial. Nevertheless, the vaccine was approved and continues to be marketed towards senior citizens.

The Mumps Vaccine: Another Useless Shot

The question whether the mumps vaccine should have ever been put on the market has been debated since the 1950s. Over fifty years ago the nation’s chief federal epidemiologist, E.H. Lossing, warned that the mumps vaccine, which doesn’t provide lifelong immunity, would create a far more medically dangerous and costlier problem for people who become infected as adults. At its best, the mumps vaccine may protect a person for 2 years, according to Dr. Greg Poland, head of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. In 2014, there were over 1000 mumps cases and all outbreaks occurred in highly vaccinated populations. It was far worse in 2006, writes Lawrence Solomon for the Huffington Post. During that year 84% of the 6,500 mumps cases were fully vaccinated young adults. Among the almost 450 mumps cases in the American South last year, only 3 were unvaccinated. What is more disturbing, researchers at the Bordeaux University Hospital in France, found that vaccinated adults were contracting a particularly malignant strain of mumps that contributed to meningitis, inflammation of the testicles, and hearing impairment.

Secondary Transmission of Measles from a Fully Vaccinated Woman

A study published in a 2014 issue of the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases confirmed that not only may measles occur in vaccinated individuals, but a 2011 measles outbreak in New York City may have had its source in a fully vaccinated individual. Not only did the vaccinated woman, dubbed “Measles Mary”, contract the disease, but she also passed it to four others, two who were vaccinated. This is the first confirmed medical case of secondary measles transmission causing an outbreak. Earlier in the year, another study confirmed that individuals vaccinated against pertussis can be infectious carriers of the virus and can likely infect others who either do not respond immunologically to the pertussis vaccine or who are unvaccinated.

The conclusion is that the B. pertussis vaccinated individual now endangers the health of the unvaccinated and vaccinated alike.

Earlier, a far greater blow against the efficacy of the measles vaccine came when Dr. Gregory Poland, Editor in Chief of the journal Vaccine and founder of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, published a surprising statement that the measles vaccine has a poor record of efficacy. Despite the high 95% measles vaccination compliance of children entering kindergarten, and the CDC’s propaganda that the vaccine has defeated the virus, measles outbreaks are rising. For the first half of 2014, there were 16 large measles outbreaks in the US. Dr. Poland does not believe this is due to unvaccinated individuals, but because of the failure of the vaccine.

These types of vaccine failures, which are also occurring far more frequently in pertussis outbreaks, further puts to rest the herd immunity hypothesis.

A Bad Year for the Pertussis Vaccine

Outbreaks of whooping cough have been increasing annually. However, state and local health authorities investigating and gathering statistics on pertussis outbreaks are discovering the highest numbers of infected persons among the vaccinated. Mississippi, with the highest vaccination rate in the country, has shown significant increases in whooping cough cases, with only 9% of those infected being unvaccinated. Across the nation, the most highly infected are those who have received three or more pertussis shots and boosters.

However, it was in Australia last year that the government’s National Center for Immunization and Research of Vaccine Preventable Diseases found that the pertussis vaccine effectiveness is waning far more rapidly than expected, even among vaccinated 3 year olds.

While the mainstream media and the vaccine establishment have launched a brutal campaign to blame unvaccinated individuals for the recent upsurge in pertussis infections, the CDC has publicly announced the contrary. Dr. Anne Schuchat from the CDC has stated, “We know there are places around the country where there are large numbers of people we aren’t vaccinated. However, we don’t think those exemptors are driving this current wave. We think it is a bad thing that people aren’t getting vaccinated or exempting, but we cannot blame this wave on that phenomenon.” What Americans need to know is that more virulent strains of B. pertussis have emerged that are not covered by current DpT vaccines. Earlier, Australian immunologists suggested that the emergence of a new vaccine-resistant B. pertussis strain may be due to over vaccination. What the world is witnessing with antibiotic resistant organisms, due to the over use and abuse of antibiotic medications, is similarly occurring with viruses targeted by vaccines.

Would You Like Some Depression with Your Rubella Vaccine?

It is common to feel out of sorts and depressed when feeling ill and under the weather. But might a vaccine be the cause for the depression? In 2014 medical departments at Hebrew University in Israel and the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Germany, two of the world’s most distinguished institutes, published a double blind study revealing that teenage girls vaccinated with attenuated rubella virus had a statistically significant increase of induced bouts of depression up to ten weeks. The increase in post-vaccine depression occurred among girls in lower socioeconomic brackets. Today with over 50% of school age children in America living in poverty, the rubella vaccine is now contributing to serious psychological episodes and problems that are repeatedly reported in the mainstream psychological literature.

Put a Hold on that Hepatitis B Vaccine

Although an association between multiple sclerosis and the hepatitis B vaccine has been debated for over 15 years, the CDC continues to categorically deny this relationship. However, a 2014 retrospective French study investigating the sudden spike in multiple sclerosis cases since 1993, identified France’s mass Hepatitis B vaccination program as the perpetuator for a doubling of MS cases within a few years. MS is a demyelinating disease of the nerves. The French scientists suspect that a vaccine protein contributed to the breakdown of myelin. Again, it is not only the non-viral ingredients we should be scared about. In the US there are 10,000 new cases of MS annually, and infants are vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine immediately after birth.

The Safety of Paul Offit’s Rotateq Vaccine Questioned, Again

Sayer Ji, editor of GreenMedInfo, noted that the Rotateq vaccine against the rotavirus, developed by Paul Offit for Merck, contained a live simian retrovirus that has likely infected millions of children around the world. The study was published in the prestigious Journal of Virology in 2010. Yet a more recent 2014 study published in Advances in Virology identified another viral contaminant in Offit’s vaccine: a baboon endogenous virus “likely due to the monkey cell line in which Rotateq was produced from.” Only time will tell whether Offit’s contaminated vaccine will have the impact of the tainted polio vaccine with the carcinogenic S40 virus.

Exposing the Fraud of the Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV)

A paper out of the University of California at Berkeley and appearing in the October 2013 issue of Molecular Cytogenetics came to public attention last year to suggest that cervical cancer may not be caused by the human papilloma virus. If the theory is correct that may prove that the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix do not prevent cervical cancer at all.

Moreover, researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada reported that the HPV vaccine on a “mechanism” by which the vaccine is altering transmission leading to higher oncogene expression among vaccinated girls. The implications from this research is that the vaccine is driving the evolution of viral virulence, similar to what is being observed with vaccines for pertussis, mumps and measles.

Chickenpox Vaccine is Shown to Increase Disease Rates

Again, 2014 has been a dismal year for the pro-vaccine community. Even the chickenpox vaccine, long thought to be safe and effective, is failing with the others. Back in 2005, South Korea mandated the varicella vaccine to all children under15 months. Regardless of the country’s 97% compliance—well, above herd immunity’s claims to eradicate infectious disease—chickenpox infections have not declined and in fact have increased three-fold between 2006 and 2011.


The vaccine establishment is desperate. The ghosts of their fraudulent science, manipulated research, misleading propaganda across mainstream media and in the blogosphere are returning to haunt them. The pro-vaccine pundits are rapidly losing credibility as increasing numbers of parents and young adults educate themselves about vaccine efficacy and their health risks. If it were left for an open scientific debate between pro-vaccinators and those opposing vaccines, the former would be would have science on their side.

It is time for a national debate to end vaccine madness. As further research emerges, as the vaccine paradigm is further stripped away, future generations will be looking back upon vaccination as a barbaric, primitive practice.

Yes!!! and Amen to that!!!  ~Ingri

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/vaccine-mccarthyism-what-if-the-vaccine-paradigm-itself-is-deliberately-flawed/5427768

Jan '15

What would happen if we solved the mandatory vaccination problem?

Has anyone thought about that distinct possibility?

The majority of us would be thrilled! However, there are those that would be unhappy, such as:

  • non-profits that promote vaccine exemptions
  • attorneys that get paid for vaccine exemption paperwork
  • non-profits that lobby for religious or philosophical exemptions
  • legislators that get money for their re-election campaigns from vaccine manufacturers
  • public health employees who get paid to set up vaccine clinics and review charts for vaccine compliance
All of these folks would be have to make changes in their source of income. In fact one of the significant problems that all non-profits have is that if they succeed in solving the problem, they are no longer needed. This of course also explains why the American Cancer Society isn’t eager to find a cure for cancer.
While many of us would be sympathetic with their plight, we are not remotely considering leaving the current status quo regarding mandatory vaccinations unchallenged just so a few can keep their jobs.

The reality is that our current corporate government has no authority to make anyone take a vaccination. It is all done by the unlawful enforcement of unconscionable contracts.

For me, the last straw was this God awful Refusal to Vaccinate entrapment form!! Hopefully parents won’t sign it.

Tomorrow night on In Defense of Humanity [8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM ET, 5 PM PT] we will be talking about our corporate government and the fact that “They have no force of law. They are coming from a false premise legally.”  [Quote of Alfred Webre, international lawyer and judge.]

Recent youtube of Alfred Lambremont Webre, which contains some surprising good news: http://youtu.be/yk4e7ZpIrkM

Jan '15

Alzheimer’s Vaccine

Does anyone else find this ironic that they want to create a vaccine for an illness that has been associated with being caused by vaccines… WTF?

J&J partners with AC Immune on anti-tau Alzheimer’s vaccine

Insanity Is The New Norm.

Jan '15

How Do You Know When You Need More Iodine?

Here is the short list:

  • cold feet and hands, especially in the evening
  • lackluster hair, thinning, and brittle or dry
  • thinning eyebrows, especially the outer third
  • dry skin, especially on heels (cracking and splitting)
  • weight gain, or inability to lose weight even on starvation diet
  • chronic fatigue, low energy
  • sweet cravings, bread or starch or dessert cravings

The main function of Iodine is to balance your endocrine (hormone regulating) system -especially your thyroid gland – resulting in a greater ability to manage your emotional states. This is more obvious in women because of different hormonal dynamics.

Iodine’s secondary function is to regulate reproductive organs:

ovaries and breasts in women… prostate in men.

It seems like so many of my middle-aged girlfriends have a sluggish thyroid and they feel so very tired and easily gain weight – more so than what’s “normal” for middle-age.

Most see their doctor and get their thyroid tested, and everything comes back “normal, within range”. The problem is with the test! It does not measure results …

Iodine Deficiency is Common and Can Be Terribly Harmful!

You Do Not Get Enough Iodine…

Iodine is a trace mineral that is essential for normal growth and development. Seventy to 80% of iodine is found in the thyroid gland – in your neck. The rest is distributed throughout your body, particularly in ovaries (women), muscles, and blood.

Your thyroid gland is the only organ that stores significant quantities of iodine.

Your body produces NO iodine, so you must supplement (unless you are eating a lot of sea weed, and use more sea weed as compost on your vegetable garden).

In America, you cannot get enough iodine from your diet. It used to be added to bread but not anymore.  It’s added to salt, but the amount has been lowered over the years.

We know from clinical studies that few people have anywhere near enough iodine in their body for their thyroid to function optimally.

Three disturbing trends initiated in the 20th century made this collective deficiency inevitable:

1. The introduction of chlorine use in drinking water, in pools, and as a ubiquitous cleaning agent (Clorox, Lysol). Iodine is displaced or deactivated by chlorine, bromine and fluoride.

2.  Alteration of the Western diet that reduces natural food sources of iodine (sea weed, dulse, etc.)

3. Farming practices designed to increase crop yield, leading to reduced iodine content in many foods.

Naturally occurring iodine is found in kelp, dulse, nori, hijiki, wakame, arame, kombu and seafood.

Iodine Supplementation for Thyroid Health is Easy


Non-toxic, Highly Absorbable and Effective

Help Balance Emotions

Regulate Reproductive Organs

This is nascent iodine, or detoxified atomic iodine, made to the specification introduced by Edgar Cayce.

Unlike the common Lugol’s solution of molecular iodine and potassium iodide, our atomic iodine is not toxic even at high dose.

Protects against damage from radiation, stress and aging.

Benefits of Iodine Supplementation with Thyrodine

Better energy management, endurance

Reduced joint and muscle pains

Improved elasticity of muscles and tendons

Faster healing and repair from injuries

More resilient immune system

Clearer thinking, less brain fog

More insulin sensitivity, better blood glucose management

Improved sweating mechanism for detoxification

Better elimination (no more constipation)

Decreased menstrual problems (PMS, mood swings)

Reduced body odors (vaginal, foot, underarm, etc.)

Lower chance of miscarriage, higher baby birth weights

Effective on ringworm and toenail fungus

Warmer hands and feet (thermo-regulation)

Adequate iodine intake will also result in much-improved muscular coordination, flexibility and strength, plus improved vision as the eye muscles lose their unwanted calcium that causes hardening and stiffness.

Iodine supplementation can also induce long term remission of auto-immune problems including Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, Vitiligo, Myalgia, Migraine.

Protection from Radioactive Fallout

Created when a nuclear plant is damaged or a nuclear weapon detonates, radioactive dust and/or ash can be very damaging to your thyroid gland.

Taking iodine before – and even just after – a nuclear event, keeps you from absorbing the fallout into your thyroid.

If you’re Iodine Deficient, here’s what may happen…


That makes you feel very sluggish and gain weight easily.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Painful breasts with nodules and cysts that often hurt more prior to menstruating.

93% of American women have Fibrocystic Breast Disease, and the longer the deficiency persists, the higher the risk of breast cancer.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Iodine is needed in the ovaries, and Russian studies showed a relationship between iodine deficiency and the presence of cysts in the ovaries. The greater the iodine deficiency, the more ovarian cysts a woman produces.

Prostate Problems for Men

Long term iodine deficiency can manifest as prostate problems – either enlargement or cancer or both.

Dry Eyes, Mouth and Skin

Iodine is concentrated in the lacrymal glands of the eye, and submandibular glands of the mouth, and a lack of it can cause dryness. 20% of all your iodine is stored in your sweat glands, and a lack of iodine can manifest as dry skin, and a decreased ability to sweat.


Really low iodine levels in the thyroid end up as a Goiter – enlargement of the thyroid.


Extended iodine deficiency contributes heavily to our recent epidemic cancers of breasts, ovaries and prostates.  Areas of the world where iodine deficiency is high (Switzerland, parts of Asia and Africa) have high incidence of thyroid cancer.

Iodine can also be concentrated in stomach tissue, and a deficiency there manifests as achlorhydria (lack of digestive acid production).  Prolonged deficiency causes a much higher incidence of stomach cancer.

Impaired Physical and Mental Development

In infants and children, hypothyroidism can impair physical and mental development.

LE_footer2 (new).jpg

Jan '15

[Vaccination-Liberation] Recent news – update

Wanted to share a couple things from Monday that I have finally reviewed and wanted to share –

1) Transcripts of an interview with Ken McLeod and Meryl Dorey regarding the efforts among pharma patsies to block Dr. Tenpenny from entering Australia.
After they blocked World War 2 historian David Irving from speaking there several years ago, a dangerous precedent was set. They should have spoken out THEN.


2) The case of Cassandra C. in Connecticutt who was removed from her mother’s loving care into state custody so they could force her into taking chemotherapy.

These medical Kidnaps are happening in every county across the nation as reported on MedicalKidnap.com This is why people need to be prepared ahead of time.
AL has put together a Legal Notice that would be good to have by the door along with a government employee questionnaire should you have children in the home.

Legal Notice – CPS.pdf

And last, AL and I will be discussing our Corporate government – city,counties, state and the mother corporation of our nation – USA, INC. - and why we must start taking the necessary steps to expose the fraud and restore our original Constitution. See


In the Spirit of Truth,

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
(208) 255-2307


“Free Your Mind….
From the Vaccine Paradigm”

“When we give government the power
to make medical decisions for us, we, in
essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”
~U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD

To begin your journey on learning about vaccines, the biomedical
paradigm and why the only truly informed choice
regarding vaccines is complete avoidance and refusal, we offer you the
following weblink to well-footnoted articles and resources.

Jan '15

Knowledge is Power (The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever)

The flu is ravaging across the US right now. I have several family members that have been down with this for over a week. So in doing my little part to “raise consciousness” here is a practical piece…….Rather than getting your flu shot and taking anti-biotics why not try the concoction below. I know personally all the ingredients in this are super food and I will be making this for myself soon.


Blessings, Daren

This is The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body

The basic formula of this powerful tonic dates back to medieval Europe, that is, from the era when people suffered from all sorts of diseases and epidemics.

This master cleansing tonic is actually an antibiotic that kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It has also a powerful antiviral and antifungal formula, increases blood circulation and lymph flow in all parts of the body. This plant-based remedy is the best choice for the fight against candida.

This tonic has helped many people to cure many viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal diseases and even plague! Its power should most certainly not be underestimated.

It can cure many chronic conditions and diseases. Encourages blood circulation, and purifies blood. This formula has helped millions of people throughout the centuries to fight the most deadliest diseases. The secret is in the powerful combination of high-quality natural and fresh ingredients!

To sum up, this tonic is effective in the treatment of all diseases, successfully strengthens the immune system, acts as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic medicine. Assists in the most severe infections.

Master tonic – Recipe

You may want to wear gloves during the preparation, especially when handling hot peppers, because it is difficult to get the tingling off your hands! Be careful, its smell is very strong, and it may stimulate the sinuses instantly.


* 24 oz /700 ml apple cider vinegar (always use organic)
* ¼ cup finely chopped garlic
* ¼ cup finely chopped onion
* 2 fresh peppers, the hottest you can find (be careful with the cleaning – wear gloves!!!)
* ¼ cup grated ginger
* 2 tbsp grated horseradish
* 2 tbsp turmeric powder or 2 pieces of turmeric root


1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, except for the vinegar.
2. Transfer the mixture to a Mason jar.
3. Pour in some apple cider vinegar and fill it to the top. It is best if 2/3 of the jar consist of dry ingredients, and fill in the rest with vinegar.
4. Close well and shake.
5. Keep the jar in a cool and dry place for 2 weeks. Shake well several times a day.
6. After 14 days, squeeze well and strain the liquid through a plastic strain. For better results put a gauze over it. Squeeze well so the whole juice comes out.
7. Use the rest of the dry mixture when cooking.

Your master tonic is ready for use. You do not need to keep the tonic in your fridge. It will last for long.

Extra Tip: You can also use it in the kitchen – mix it with some olive oil and use it as a salad dressing or in your stews.


1. Caution: The flavor is very strong and hot!
2. Extra Tip: Eat a slice of orange, lemon or lime after you take the tonic to ease the burning sensation and heat.
3. Gargle and swallow.
4. Do not dilute it in water as it will reduce the effect.
5. Take 1 tablespoon every day to strengthen the immune system and fight cold.
6. Increase the amount every day until you reach a dose of 1 small glass per day (the size of a liquor glass).
7. If you struggle against more serious disease or infection, take 1 tablespoon of the tonic 5-6 times a day.
8. It is safe for pregnant women and children (use small doses!) because the ingredients are all-natural and contain no toxins.

Health benefits

Garlic is a strong antibiotic with a wide range of health benefits. Unlike chemical antibiotics that kill millions of friendly bacteria your body needs, its only goal is bacteria and microorganisms. Garlic also encourages and increases the level of healthy bacteria. It is a powerful antifungal agent and destroys any antigen, pathogen, and harmful disease-causing microorganisms.

Onion is garlic’s closest relative and it has a similar but milder action. Together they create a strong fighting duo.

Horseradish is a powerful herb, efficient for sinuses and lungs. It opens sinus channels and increases circulation, where common colds and flu usually begin, as most doctors would agree.

Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it is a strong circulation stimulant.

Chili peppers are the most powerful circulation stimulators. They just send their antibiotic properties to fight the disease where it is mostly needed.

Turmeric is the most perfect spice, cleanses infections and reduces inflammation. Blocks the development of cancer, and prevents dementia. It is especially useful for those who struggle with joint pain.

Apple cider vinegar – there must be something very healthy in the use of apple cider vinegar as the father of medicine, Hippocrates, used vinegar around 400 BC because of its healthy properties. It is said that he used only two remedies: honey and apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is made from fresh and ripe apples which are later fermented and go through rigorous process to give the final product. Apple cider vinegar contains pectin, a fiber that reduces bad cholesterol and regulates blood pressure.

Health experts agree that people need more calcium as they get old. Vinegar helps the extraction of calcium from foods it is mixed with, which helps in the process of maintaining bone strength. Potassium deficiency causes a variety of problems including hair loss, brittle nails and teeth, sinusitis, and runny nose.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium. Studies have shown that potassium deficiency results in slow growth. All of these problems can be avoided if you use apple cider vinegar regularly. Potassium also removes toxic wastes from the body.

Beta-carotene prevents damage caused by free radicals, maintains skin firm and young. Apple cider vinegar is good for those who want to lose weight.

It breaks up fat which supports a natural weight loss process. Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid, efficient in the fight against fungal and bacterial infections. This acid dissolves uric acid deposits that form around the joints, and thus alleviates joint pain. Dissolved uric acid is later eliminated from the body.

It is believed that apple cider vinegar is useful in treating conditions like constipation, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, hair loss, high blood pressure, obesity, and many other health problems.

The master tonic is the best combination to fight each of these conditions. Protect your health using natural antibiotics!

Dec '14

Right to Grow

Omar has just created the Right to Grow website, whose effort is to try to get retraction orthodontics outlawed so that this never happens to another child (sleep apnea, facial disfigurement, among a litany of other health problems)


From their website….

Who We Are
We are a community of people seeking change within the orthodontic industry. Presently and in the face of alarming research calling for the contrary, the industry continues to engage in harmful practices that are designed to stunt the normal growth of the jaws, thereby compromising the growth of the airway and even damaging the face. We operate with the following philosophy:
In the ensuring that a child develops to his or her full potential without a compromised airway or face,
* Natural forward growth of the face should never be held back;
* Development of Dental Arches should never be restricted;
* Informed Consent explaining the known and published risks of retraction and extraction based orthodontic treatment must be provided to all patients, including the risks of facial elongation, flattening of the cranial base, dishing-in of the face, narrowing of the jaws, reduction of airway volume and development of sleep apnea.

Omar’s story here: http://righttogrow.nationbuilder.com/omar_s_story

How facial growth SHOULD be….


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Dec '14

Simple NeuroCranial Restructuring Orientation with Dr Hillary Lampers


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What You Can do About A Skin Problem

Clear Skin – and not Blemishes, Red Spots and Rashes

We all do this: we judge each other by the appearance out our skin. I don’t know of a worse self-confidence downer than a skin problem that is just “in your face”.

Everyone from young to old, will sometimes get a pimple, a cold sore or some unexplained rash.  Happens to most everyone at some point. And then there are the things that just do not go away.

It does not matter if your issue is chronic or just a one-time emergency, you will want to know about this product. It helps fix skin problems like you wouldn’t believe.

As they say… a picture is worth a thousand words!
Wipe Out Redness, Rashes, Pimples and Cold Sores – FAST
Repair Breakouts and Control Swelling or Redness

Fight Skin Problems by Targeting Inflammation and its Triggers

Penetrate into Deeper Layers of Your Skin and Make Repairs

Leading Edge Science and Revolutionary Thinking.

Take a look at this holistic skincare

Clear Ultra Gel

by Clear Skincare

Powerful Skin Repair to Reduce All Skin Problems – FAST

Very quick-acting, sometimes in just 60 minutes.

Heal persistent breakouts, red spots and rashes.

Reduces aging spots.

Refreshes oily and inflamed skin.

Easily penetrates deep into your skin to
nourish and promote healing.

The Power of Science in Perfect Harmony with Nature

First thing to know is that bath products and cosmetics are not regulated the same way as nutritional supplements. They ignore the fact that your skin is permeable – it’s actually your body’s largest organ!

So whatever you put on your skin does – in fact – gets absorbed right into your body.

Unlike common preserving agents paraben and formaldehyde this patent-pending protection system features a nano-structured antimicrobial composite that eliminates bacteria, yeast and molds.

That’s special on its own, but there’s more.

1. Effective skin repair without poisons.

2. Transdermal delivery of important minerals.

3. And high levels of the active ingredients – not just the minimal amount to get them on the label, but enough to make a significant difference.

It was designed by a very talented materials scientist. Take a look the ingredients he chose,

and if you’d like to read more about them, just click here.

Coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q10), Ubiquinone

DMAE, 2-DiMethylAmino Ethanol


Vitamin E

MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane


Organic Grape Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera

Organic Jojoba Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis

Argan Oil, Argania Spinosa

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Sodium Hyaluronate

Sea Buckthorn Oil, Hippophae Rhamnoides

Rose Hip Oil, Rosa Canina

Vitamin E, Tocopherol

Besides Clear Gel, the instant repair agent, Clear Skincareoffers Day and Night Creams, and Wrinkle Erasing Lift.

All Natural, Healthy and Safe

Clear Skincare is made by a small Canadian company lead by a materials scientist who takes a very untypical approach.

The products are checked and approved by Health Canada. They are safe and effective for their intended purpose: skin repair and restoration of healthy function.

Their patent-pending, paraben and formaldehyde-free preservation system features a nano-structured antimicrobial blend of comprehensively acknowledged components that provide broad spectrum activity on bacteria, yeast and molds.

Each and Every Clear Skincare Product is…
Designed to help reduce the signs of aging and keep you looking youthful both inside and out.

Uses a beneficial nano-particle delivery system that delivers valuable botanical hydrating ingredients as well as potent antioxidants and free radical scavengers.

Cutting edge technology with a special proprietary formulation allowing them to penetrate the outer skin layer (dermis) and enter lower skin layers (epidermis & subcutaneous).

Contains a specially formulated ionic silver generator: very small particles of silver specially assembled into a chain that mimics collagen to support your skin. And a special targeting system which ignores healthy cells and targets only unhealthy substances for attack (bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infectious agents).

Regular Use is Important

Clear Skincare products are best used in a daily and nightly treatment program for the face and body.  They complement one another to ensure maximum efficacy.

By implementing a regular treatment program…

Moisture levels will increase

Wrinkle depth will be visibly reduced

Impurities will be removed

Skin texture becomes considerably firmer, smoother, clear and more supple.

All this results in a healthy, fresh and clear complexion – at any age.

Take a quick read at what people are saying about Clear Ultra Gel…
“I am blown away by how well the Clear Ultra Gel worked on the eczema on my hand. I had open weepy blisters and cracks, and where my fingers meet up with my hand was bright red, sore and itchy. Within 2 days I was already noticing a difference. The healing has been amazing, the redness is almost gone, and my nail beds are back to normal again. I’ve never had any product work as well as this, and I’ve tried a lot of them! Thank you so much, I will promote this to anyone I know that needs it.” ~ Vera Darius Coquitlam, BC

“My mom brought home a bottle of your Clear Ultra Gel yesterday because my shins were really badly sunburnt and they looked nasty. I was 100% skeptical about it (because I’ve been fooled by other products before). I put it on last night, and when I woke up this morning, my legs looked almost normal. It was a huge difference!”

~ Krisanna Nicole Mazur”

“After the optometrist and ophthalmologist could only advise me to spread Vaseline-like substances around my problem eyes, I discovered Clear Ultra Gel. It has worked successfully for nearly a year, and I also use the Clear Ultra Firming lotion. I am a believer in this product and would like my grandchildren to benefit from it also as they go through the acne stage. Thank you.” ~ Carol Setterington, London ON

“My daughter has started to use Clear Ultra Gel on her psoriasis and it is amazing. She has suffered for 7 years and has had many specialists appointments but without success.” ~ Lori Williamson Walkerton, ON

When you need help with your skin,

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