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Feb '15

Global Deejays Mix (2015)

Global Deejays Mix

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01. Most Wanted – Bad Boys 2006 (Global Deejays Radio Edit)
02. Global Deejays – Zelenoglazoe Taxi (Extended Mix)
03. Global Deejays Feat Technotronic – Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Maurizio Bubellini Remix) / Global Deejays – Get Up (Feat Technotronic – General Electric Version) The Collection Part – (Taken From Superstar Part 2)
04. Global Deejays Feat. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free (Klaas Remix) – The Collection (Taken From Superstar Part 1)
05. Buy Now – Body Crash (Global Deejays Remix)
06. Little Miss Rocker – My Bell is Ringing (Global Deejays Remix)
07. Global Deejays Feat. Ida Corr – My Friend (Club Mix) – The Collection (Taken From Superstar Part 1)
08. Global Deejays – Freakin’ Out (Original Mi) – The Collection Part 2
09. Da Hool Feat. Jay Cless – She Plays Me Like A Melody (Global Deejays Remix)
10. Global Deejays – Hardcore Vibes (Club Mix) – The Collection Part 2
11. Global Deejays Feat. Danny Marquez – Go High (Original Mix) – Taken from Superstar


Feb '15

Autistic Dogs Remember Who They Are After Taking Organic Sulfur


The Cellular Matrix Study includes 170,000 people worldwide who are taking organic sulfur regularly. Many had previously been taking anti-depressants or diabetic meds for years. When blood sugar levels finally come down, there’s no use for the lying numbers of medicine and science. Besides the 170,000 living and breathing human beings in our study, we’ve found that organic sulfur is also safe for pets. In fact, we tend to be more concerned about pets than we are about our own health.

I got a call from a woman whose German Shepherds entered the Autistic spectrum after being vaccinated for allergies. While predictions are problematic, dogs who are also taking sulfur as part of our study remember who they are, similar to our children and seniors who had become lost in their own minds due to vaccine damage.

While Dr. Paul Offit would disagree, he won’t tell us who is paying him to advocate the need to damage the health of our parents and kids. Andy Wakefield, a fine doctor from Great Britain, demonstrated the connection between vaccinations and autism. He almost got hung by the good mothers of Great Britain who were afraid that an unvaccinated peasant would infect their vaccinated children. Sometimes mothers are stupid, not recognizing the damage of heavy metals in our brains.

Tal Ben-Shahar PhD, a Harvard Fellow, said on the Daily Show that depression was due to a lack of sulfur. We at the Cellular Matrix Study would agree and wonder who told him?

Patrick McGean
Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project est. 1999


Feb '15

Support GMO Labeling T-Shirt

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Help support GMO labeling with this exclusive new GMO labeling t-shirt by Natural Society! Proceeds from these limited designs go towards fighting for labeling around the nation!

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Product Description
Now is the time to label GMOs! Help join the fight with your purchase of the exclusive new GMO Labeling T-Shirt by Natural Society.

For years we have campaigned for the labeling of genetically modified ingredients, launching numerous public awareness campaigns that have lead to millions worldwide learning about the reality behind genetically engineered ingredients and additives.

Hundreds of thousands of social media shares and millions of views later, we now face a deciding time when it comes to the fate of our food supply.

Will we reclaim our crops from biotech companies that seek to monopolize the industry away from independent farmers, or will we let contamination and acquisition by the mega GMO firms launch our food supply into a state of disrepair?

Join us in pushing for the labeling of GMOs, and ultimately removing their presence from the food chain with this new limited Natural Society GMO Labeling T-Shirt — with profits supporting Natural Society’s message of natural health and organic farming in the process!

Feb '15

Organic Sulfur is Beneficial for Treating Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue
Written by Contributed by Oliver Samson
BusinessMirror – Health & Wellness
Published on 20 July 2013

When a lipid-soluble hormone is sulfated, it turns into water-soluble hormone, said Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

“I think Adrenal Fatigue is nothing more than a severe deficiency in cholesterol sulfate,” Seneff told the BusinessMirror. “I believe that cholesterol sulfate is an important precursor to the hormones that are synthesized by the adrenal glands.”

Stress requires that they work harder, and stress combined with cholesterol sulfate deficiency, which causes them to fail, she stated.

Seneff is a senior research scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

According to [integrative-health consultant Mary Jean Netario] Cruz, magnesium and organic sulfur have successfully helped her clients suffering from AF.

Worrying contributes much to adrenal exhaustion, the wellness coach noted.



Feb '15

Natural sulfur in Icelanders diets keeps their diabetes rate low

Could Sulfur Deficiency be a Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
by Stephanie Seneff
seneff at csail dot mit dot edu
Sep 15, 2010

Sulfur Availability and Obesity Rates

The ultimate source of sulfur is volcanic rock, mainly basalt, spewed up from the earth’s core during volcanic eruptions.

In her recently published book, “The Jungle Effect,” Dr. Daphne Miller devotes a full chapter to Iceland (pp. 127-160). In this chapter, she struggles to answer the question of why Icelanders enjoy such remarkably low rates of depression, despite living at a northern latitude. She points out, furthermore, their excellent health record in other key areas: “When compared to North Americans, they have almost half the death rate from heart disease and diabetes, significantly less obesity, and a greater life expectancy. In fact, the average life span for Icelanders is amongst the longest in the world.” (P. 133).

While she proposes that their high fish consumption, with associated high intake of omega three fats, may plausibly be the main beneficial source, she puzzles over the fact that former Icelanders who moved to Canada and also eat lots of fish do not also enjoy the same decreased rate of depression and heart disease.

In my view, the key to Icelanders’ good health lies in the string of volcanoes that make up the backbone of the island, which sits atop the mid-Atlantic ridge crest. Dr. Miller pointed out (p. 136) that the mass exodus to Canada was due to extensive volcanic eruptions in the late 1800’s that blanketed the highly cultivated southeast region of the country. This means, of course, that the soils are highly enriched in sulfur. The cabbage, beets, and potatoes that are staples of the Icelandic diet are likely providing far more sulfur to Icelanders than their counterparts in the American diet provide.



Feb '15

How Organic Sulfur Chelates Heavy Metals From Our Body

by John Hammell

No other element including oxygen has more of an ability to combine with other elements than sulfur due to its molecular structure. All the metals except gold and platinum combine with sulfur to form inorganic sulfides. Sulfur combines with Aluminum to form Aluminum Sulfate, it combines with Barium to form Barium Sulfate, and it combines with Strontium to form Strontium Sulfate. None of these compounds can stay in the body, they are safely removed, and so is mercury!



Feb '15

Mitigate Glyphosate Toxicity by Taking Organic Sulfur


Agent Orange is toxic to plants and acts as a neurotoxin to man and insects. I’ve seen how Agent Orange damaged the health and lives of Vietnam Vets who ended up in Utah. With the blessings of the FDA and Supreme Court, Agent Orange — repackaged today as glyphosate — is being fed to everyone who eats GMO food that comes in a box.

Is Monsanto or the government eager to address the issue? Heck no. But we are. The Cellular Matrix Study has documented numerous cases where glyphosate toxicity has been mitigated by adding organic sulfur, a crystalline food, to the diets of those affected.

It’s useless to complain to a government which does not care. Instead, add organic sulfur to your diet. Once you have your health back, we can decide what to do with those yahoos who probably never wore any uniform.

Organic sulfur sulfates glyphosates and all the radioactive material from GE’s Fukushima reactors, except for iodine. In the end, we will take care of those folks who don’t know what serving your country really means.

Patrick McGean
Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project est. 1999
170,000 members in 39 countries, including Vietnam


Feb '15

Sulfur Protects Plants from Ionizing Radiation

Sulfur Compounds
The Free Online Encyclopedia

Sulfur is chemically reactive, especially upon heating, and combines with almost all the elements, with the exception of N2 (nitrogen), I2 (iodine), Au (gold), Pt (platinum), and the inert gases…sulfur compounds are used as substances that protect plants against ionizing radiation.



Feb '15

What can oxygen transported by sulfur not repair?


Pub Med and the NIH explain what we see biologically. Sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure by combining with the nasty stuff from Fukushima (cesium, plutonium, and all the rest, save iodine) to form sulfate compounds that leave the body harmlessly. Even glyphosate – the end-of-life poison that everyone fears – sulfates out of the body. What can oxygen transported by sulfur not repair?

Here’s a simple test: Take one teaspoon of organic sulfur twice a day and evaluate your health changes over time.

Patrick McGean
Cellular Matrix Study
Body Human Project est. 1999


Feb '15

Using Organic Sulfur to Protect Against Fukushima Radiation


Fukushima’s Radiation Release
Here’s One Important Way to Protect Yourself
By Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD (Reno, NV)

The Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy has released a series of four videos that … make a powerful case for protecting ourselves from radiation by using Vitamin C and other supplements.

What they don’t mention is that another powerful supplement to protect from radiation is Organic Sulfur. Sulfur reacts with radioactive mineral isotopes, turning them into harmless sulfates. This reaction occurs naturally because of the electrons that are available in sulfur’s atomic structure.

Sulfur also facilitates the movement of oxygen in and out of our cells to assist in the repair of damaged or dying cells. Sulfur-containing amino acids are needed to repair protein that has been damaged and to build new cells. Those amino acids can’t be formed as well without adequate sulfur.

After the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many of the Japanese people survived radiation poisoning simply by eating their traditional miso soup, which is made from fermented soybeans, sea vegetables like kombu, and root vegetables—all of which are rich in iodine and sulfur. Other natural sources of sulfur are garlic, cilantro, and pine lignans. Deep taproots of pine trees penetrate into sulfur-rich sub-soils.

You can search PubMed, the Medical Database Maintained by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), for many studies which point to the protective properties of sulfur. Here’s a link to one:

From PubMed:
“The inclusion of various sulfur-containing functions in organic molecules yielded compounds having whole-body radiation protection from lethal doses of gamma radiation in animals.”
—Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 1992 Sept.26(9):1144-7.

The MSM found in most health food stores doesn’t work as well as the organic crystals from high-lignan pine trees. This is because the mostly Asian manufacturers heat the MSM to 486 degrees F. and physically crush the sulfur crystals to a powder, solely for manufacturing convenience. This renders the resulting MSM far less bioavailable for healing.

Furthermore, if the MSM mixture contains silicon dioxide as an additive, it indicates that the sulfur has been deactivated and rendered almost useless. Be aware that most encapsulated MSM and powders are made up of this deactivated, non-lignan-containing form of sulfur.